XYGLED company was established  in Shenzhen, China on 2012,  our vision is  to provide qualified led digital display products and solutions in the industry, our main products are Led floor screen , Video wall, flexible display module, transparent mesh display.  XYG is the leading brand in floor display sector, because it is a high-challenge products, Our brand is widely approved in the market after years of test.  Thanks to Shenzhen city which is the technology hub in China, provide technical support for thousands of manufacturer including us.

Floor display screen

Led Floor screen varies indoor led floor screen and outdoor led floor screen, the content can be interactive or non-interactive, Our professional team can provide different recommendations to meet your demand, the pixel pitch start from P2.976mm to P8mm.


Rental display screen

Rental digital display screen mostly for the Event companies to provide for their speech or performance Event, we can provide both indoor and outdoor Rental led screens for sale.


Indoor led video wall

Indoor  video wall can be used at showrooms and offices, or any type of retail places, it broadcasted brand information to its audience, moreover it increased the facility impression to your customer.


Movable Poster display

Led poster display replaced the traditional poster by saving print out, you can replace it anywhere you want, and display any content you wish to show your client.


Flexible display screen

LED flexible screen can be used customized to different shapes, such as Cylinder, curve, wave, pixel pitch starts from P1.8 and above.


Outdoor digital Billboard

Outdoor Led screens are widely used at street sides, building front, high ways, to show advertisement and promotion to audiences, its energy-saving, easy management features attract more and more advertising company to convert the outdoor billboard to led screens.


Transparent Mesh screen

The mesh screen is for building external wall, front and rear maintenance, rapid installation, saving steel structure, greatly reducing project costs.


Meet Our Team

Anna Zhang Sales Manager
Anna Zhang
Sales Manager
Rich experience in the led display industry and have good knowledge of the led display screen.
Dianica Senior Designer
Senior Designer
5 years in grahpic and archetechture design, familiar with Led screed design and structure fabrication, Philipino Nationality
Mark Sales Manager
Sales manager
8 years international sales experience and 2 years electronics engineer job experience .
Joshua Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Rich experience in the led display screen industry and have good knowledge of the led display screen.