10 Things To Know Before Selecting Rental LED Displays

Here’s the thing: LED displays can last for up to a whopping five years of nonstop use. Whether you’re considering investing in an LED floor screen or an LED screen display, you’re guaranteed to get the biggest bang for your buck. But why waste money on an expensive LED purchase when you can rent it instead? Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, rental LED screens can be customized and used for events and commercial settings. Read on for 10 things to know before selecting rental LED displays below.

1. Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Screens

Before you decide to rent your first LED display, it’s important to note the differences between indoor and outdoor screens. Sometimes, it can be confusing to know the distinctions between weather protection and brightness.

Needless to say, you might not need an outdoor LED screen for your outdoor movie screening.

In fact, indoor LED screens can come with a much higher brightness too. Although they’re not as weather-resistant at their outdoor counterparts, you may not need it if you’re indoors. Plus, you can save it a ton of cash too.

2. How to Install an LED Screen in a Window Display

If you don’t know how to install an LED screen in a window display, we’re here to help. For starters, indoor LED screens are perfect for putting inside of your shop to protect it from the elements. Also, you can switch up how bright you want your screen to be throughout the day as well.

Does your shop receive a lot of indirect sunlight through your window?

If that’s the case, then you have a choice between high-brightness or standard screens. But if the window in your shop receives direct intensive light, we should just let you rent a “very high luminosity” LED screen instead.

3. Why You Shouldn’t Put LED Displays in Windows

You shouldn’t overpay for any features that won’t be used. That being said, very bright indoor LED screens might be as useful as outdoor LED screens are. All this to say that you may be able to save money by skipping unnecessary water-resistant screen frames.

4. Whether or Not You Need a Smaller Pixel Pitch

Next, you should consider whether or not you need a smaller pixel pitch as well. Just so you know, it’s more expensive to rent smaller pixel pitch screens. However, whether your pixel pitch is 8 mm or 10 mm, the overall image quality should be about the same. Therefore, picking smaller pixels might not be worth the additional cost.

5. Choosing the Best Pixel Pitches for LED Screens

When it’s time to rent an LED screen, it might be hard to find the perfect pixel pitch for you. While most of us want to get the best quality image, picking the wrong one can end up with distorted or warped images that can’t be seen from a distance. Our general role of thumb is to calculate how many pixels your LED screen has before you sign your rental agreement.

6. How to Calculate the Total Number of Pixels

As we mentioned above, it’s important to know how many pixels you want your LED screen rental to have. However, this can be pretty difficult to calculate for beginners. Therefore, let us help you out.

For instance, if you want to rent a screen that is 2 x 1 m, you have to convert it to square meters. Simply multiply the measurement of the base by its height. Thus, the surface of your 2×1 screen will be 2 m2. Now, when you’ve finished your calculation, match it up with the perfect pixel size for you.

7. The Best Types of Brands for LED Screens

No matter if you are looking for a floor screen or a wall screen, it’s helpful to know the best types of brands for LED screens. Even if something is brand-name, it doesn’t mean that it’s the greatest quality. Therefore, it’s better to search for reliability.

The reliability rating for LED models is calculated in rates per thousand. So, the higher your rate per thousand is the better reliability and quality of your LED screen.

8. Where Is the Maintenance Access for Your Screen?

For those of you who are unaware, it is key to know where the maintenance access for your screen is. If your maintenance screen is in the rear, you will have to leave space behind it to gain access. Additionally, you may have to leave extra space for a door opening or staff access too.

9. How You Will Use Your LED Display Screen Rental?

Another thing to consider is how to use your LED display screen rental. First, picture how large your space or venue will be. Then, think about what resolution you will need as well. For instance, if your screen is going to be the life of the party, then pick the largest one with the most detailed resolution.

10. How to Meet Your Needs With an LED Display

Last but not least, figure out how to meet your needs with an LED display. For example, if you are planning on hosting hundreds of viewers, your LED screen rental should be big enough for everyone to view from several different angles. Otherwise, you might have some serious drama during your screening!

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