Watch the amazing 1000㎡ Outdoor LED Floor Screen

Welcome to experience our lasted 1000㎡ LED floor screen project in Jiangsu Province, China

Jiangsu-1000㎡ Story in Stone-P8.9 Outdoor LED Floor screen

The site covers an area of about 3.45 square kilometers, our outdoor led floor screen is located at the center of the place, the total size is 1000 square meters, The construction of the garden expo has restored the ecological scars of the city. Through contemporary and innovative expressions of classic gardens across the city, the contemporary activation and utilization of industrial heritage have realized the cultural inheritance innovation based on ecological restoration, vividly interprets the wonderful butterfly changes of ecological restoration and urban repair, and presents a different kind of garden expo.

Welcome to experience our lasted 1000㎡ LED floor screen project in Jiangsu Province, China

The large-scale borderless panoramic immersive experience light and shadow drama “Story in Stone” premiered successfully at the Future Garden Cliff Theater of the Horticultural Expo! The background of “Story in Stone” is the cliff of Tangshan, which is a century-old theme. This light and shadow show was created by the director Chen’s team to interpret the changes of the times through the changes of stage scenes.

After a hundred years of turbulent landscape, witness the fiery construction of beautiful homes in the new era! Garden Expo Park is a brand new ecological theater built on the basis of industrial relics. It is 255 meters long, 80 meters high, and covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. This large-scale borderless panoramic immersive light and shadow show on the cliffs will take you into the beautiful world of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. It is a work that focuses on the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, hoping to use art to arouse people’s awe and care of nature!

Light and shadow are intertwined, clouds and smoke are cascading, winter passes and spring comes. This light and shadow show presented scenes from the scene, making the audience feel as if they were in it, and truly experienced the different feelings brought to people by the change of times.

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