1,000sqm LED floor screen 20,000 sqm projection lights up Jinling

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1,000 square meters LED floor screen 20,000 square meters mountain giant screen projection  lights up Jinling


On the afternoon of April 16, the 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition officially opened in Nanjing Garden Expo Park. As the “New Landmark of Nanjing Cultural Tourism”, Nanjing Garden Expo Park will be put into trial operation on April 17, 2021. Here, XYG uses an outdoor LED floor display to show the spectacular scene. The 1,000-square-meter LED floor screen forms three circles respectively, serving as three stages, providing a visual feast for performances. The Barco also uses light and shadow to tell the story of a century-long journey. This May 1, let us meet at Nanjing Garden Expo together!

Backing to the mountain as the curtain, the time has passed

1,000 square meters LED floor screen

No one thought that before Nanjing Garden Expo became the new landmark of Nanjing Cultural Tourism, the huge mine pit and the heavily polluted cement factory made it an unspeakable “scar” in the city. But with the unremitting efforts of artisans in the new era day and night, this former industrial relic has been reborn, and the devastation of the past has been integrated with the modern garden landscape, witnessing the history and enlightening the future.

At the opening ceremony of the 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition, the panoramic immersive light and shadow show “Hundred Years of Stone Light” with the background of the cliff wall of Tangshan in Nanjing was staged simultaneously in the cliff wall theater. The performance takes the mountain as the curtain and the cliff as the theater, interpreting the changes of the times through the changes of stage scenes.

Moving on the stone, the butterfly changing in the mine


In order to let the audience get an immersive experience when watching the performance, the director team and visual design team adopted the design concept of “mountain imaging” to present the wonderful performance. But unlike other light and shadow shows, the imaging of “Hundred Years of Stone Light” is not inherited from a flat and good solid imaging surface, but a huge rock wall with a century of history and man-made mining.

If you want to present an immersive experience effect on this uneven and complex curved facade mountain, you must overcome the imaging difficulties and flexibly choose a suitable viewing angle and projection installation location.

But even on this uneven mountain, there are ways to ensure the integrity of each image and take into account the restoration of the color of the film.

Based on imaging needs, the director team and visual design team finally chose Barco’s UDX-4K40 product as the projection equipment for this performance. Nearly 70 UDX-4K40 40,000 lumens high-brightness laser projection equipment with compact design, outstanding color, and high-quality 3DLP technology are spliced, merged, and superimposed to make the picture more realistic.

The cliff with one side of 255 meters long, 80 meters high, and an area of more than 20,000 square meters instantly became a flat “big screen”. With beautiful colors and complete and clear pictures, a magnificent picture is depicted on the uneven mountain. The combination of well-designed video content and modern light and shadow brings the audience an excellent immersive experience and feels like a century of time.

Since the stone cannot be moved, then move according to the stone. Barco’s projection designers guide the on-site system integration team to adjust the ideal viewpoint of the projection system to play the screen and the overall viewing demand to integrate and balance so that the audience can get an immersive visual experience. Even under the harsh conditions of the installation position and angle, it is not afraid of light loss to ensure that the color can be truly restored during the imaging process. Overcoming the two major difficulties of “unbalanced brightness” and “uneven color” faced by rock wall imaging, the story is on the “rock” against the backdrop of the giant rotating table and the giant rocker arm.

As the scene changes, the breath of winter from the Antarctic glacier and the red flames forged by the furnace continue to stimulate the senses of the audience. The hardship of the birth of the first Jiefang car is in sharp contrast with the high-rise buildings of the new era. , The historical group was laid out one by one like this.

Under the blessing of high-tech “double wings”, the mine that had been vicissitudes of life completed a butterfly change. When the former quarrying pit turned into a “cliff theater”, the centuries-old industrial relics became the “Time Art Valley”. In the mine pit spanning thousands of meters, the vibrant underwater botanical garden was born, and the train from the mine turned into “flowers and Sea train”, the flashing group portraits of history will cross the “stone” and meet you and me here.

According to the light, shining in Jinling

In order to let the audience experience the cultural accumulation of “One City, One Garden, One Story” at close range, and to immerse themselves in the visual shock of “one step, one scene, one stunning”, Barco moved the precision optical equipment that was originally used for indoor projection to the outdoors. Really achieved “between the mountains and the rocks, changing the scenery.”

Since the installation and application environment of the equipment is sensitive to temperature and dust, customers were very worried about this breakthrough application at the beginning. Taking into account the particularity of the outdoors, Barco’s high-end projectors originally had an excellent internal modular design structure, and through specially arranged and designed projection rooms, the projection equipment was given double protection, breaking through the limitations of environmental applications.

From the unspeakable “urban scar” to the “urban card” that has to be said, we worked with other builders to help this land regain its new life and become a witness to history. In the future, we will continue to move forward and be wonderful illuminators every time the stars shine.

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