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Know More About Led Floor Screen

Introduction of Led Floor Screen With the continuous development and innovation of LED display technology, as a display device, the technology of LED screens is relatively mature and stable. Regardless of the performance, service life, control technology, application fields, etc., they have reached a high level, but they are still flawed. These applications are only […]

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Difference between LED Floor Screen and LED Display Screen

Being a business or brand owner, or just someone promoting the brand; we’ve all ended up looking for LED screens to do the job better. Hence, a LED screen might be quite obvious and common to us. However, when it comes to buying an advertising LED screen (the common one we find everyone around us), [...]
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How to achieve naked eye 3D? How to achieve immersive naked eye 3D?

How to achieve naked eye 3D? The naked eye  3D is undoubtedly in two forms: outwardly convex and inwardly concave: 1.The outwardly convex form is relatively simple. The hardware equipment uses a single LED video wall screens, which can be realized with customized materials. 2. The inward concave form is more complicated. The hardware equipment […]

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