2022 Spring Festival Gala of Shenyang TV Station LED Floor Screen

106.25㎡ of XYG P3.91 high refresh rate LED floor screen helps 2022 Shenyang Radio and TV Station – Spring Festival Gala: “Bring the Joy Home”

In the audience’s expectation

By the Propaganda Department of the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

Co-hosted by Shenyang Radio and Television Station, 2022 “Bring Joy Home” Spring Festival Gala

Language programs, song and dance fusion creative programs complement each other, Create a fine art feast for the people of Shenyang

The stage of the Spring Festival Gala consists of a LED floor screen and 7  LED screen. The 8 LED displays are controlled by the NovaStar system.  The LED floor screen adopts XYG P3.91 non-interactive floor screen. The width of the whole screen is 8.5 meters, the height is 12.5 meters, and the total area is 106.25 square meters. Using PC anti-wear and wear-resistant mask, 500*1000mm and 500*500mm sheet metal iron cabinets, four-corner adjustable floor support, It took three days to complete the installation and test.

On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala

There are Olympic champions, there are old heroes who fight

Famous people with Shentai

There are big names in the field of literature, art, and sports

They all gathered on the stage

Presenting a wonderful take-home music

“Bringing the Joy Home” is the IP of live streaming

It is also a New Year’s gift from Shenyang Radio and TV Station to everyone

Has been with you for seven years

In the past seven years, they have been striving for the upgrade of this Spring Festival Gala

Especially from the design of the show

This Spring Festival Gala

Started up the staff of the various centers of the whole TV station

led floor screen

January 29 (the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth lunar month)

Detonate the whole network at 8 p.m.

TV broadcast terminal, multi-frequency screen, mobile terminal, matrix network


The whole party lasted 3 hours and perfectly presented the “three highlights“.

Highlight 1: Strong originality! The well-known Northeast humor in the whole country interprets the colorful life of the people of Liaoning and Shenyang;

Highlight 2: Ode to the Times! Listen to the heartbeat of Shenyang and feel the pulse of Liaoning;

Highlight 3: Thriving! The strongest anchor lineup, subverting the image strength and cross-border acting skills!


At the same time, the party is still in the key districts of Shenyang, and the nine outdoor 3D large screens at the best spots will be broadcast live simultaneously. Pioneering the city-wide simulcast mode, creating a sensation in Shenyang.


In response to the “Hundred Cities Thousand Screens” ultra-high-definition video promotion campaign, CCTV’s multiple LED electronic screens in the core area of Shenyang realized the simultaneous live broadcast of CCTV Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve and “Bring the Music Home” Shen TV Spring Festival Gala. The 3D large screen will promote the simultaneous live broadcast of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics with ultra-high-definition programs, assist the theme event of “Building Dreams of Winter Olympics and Beautiful China”, and create a warm atmosphere for welcoming the Chinese New Year and celebrating the Winter Olympics in the city.


On the evenings of January 29th, 30th, and 31st, the naked-eye 3D large screen will simultaneously broadcast “Bring the Joy Home” to Shenyang Spring Festival Gala, Liaoning TV Spring Festival Gala, and CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Let the citizens of Shenyang walk on the streets watch the Spring Festival Gala, let the whole city feel the joyful and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival everywhere, and witness the scientific and technological progress of the great motherland together. And “Bring the Joy Home” Spring Festival Gala will be the “first show” of Shencheng’s 3D large-screen long-term live broadcast, which has historically opened a new model of city-wide simulcast.


During the period from the Spring Festival to the Winter Olympics in 2022, the ultra-high-definition content of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics will be simultaneously broadcast on the big screen, in a festive and warm atmosphere, to promote the goal of “Technology Winter Olympics • 8K to watch the Olympics” to achieve practical results. Let Shenyang citizens enjoy the wonderful and cool Winter Olympics ultra-high-level events.


As the first time for CCTV 4K and 8K signals to land on the large screen in Northeast China, a multi-screen linkage live broadcast has created a new mode of three-dimensional integrated communication of TV, mobile phones, and outdoor large screens. The LED electronic screen effectively uses the urban smart outdoor broadcast platform. , multi-screen, synchronous, high-definition, and timely release of information, laying the foundation for Shenyang to build a new smart outdoor release platform. The LED electronic screen urges the goal of “Technology Winter Olympics • 8K to watch the Olympics” achieve practical results, and realizes many functions such as live broadcast, broadcast, remote interaction, and video conversion, making LED display broadcasts achieve an intelligent leap!




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