300㎡ LED Floor Screen in CMG to show the “2022 Spring Festival Opera Gala”

300㎡ BOB LED Floor Screen of XYG appeared in CMG to show the “2022 Spring Festival Opera Gala”

300㎡ BOB LED Floor Screen of XYG appeared in CMG to show the "2022 Spring Festival Opera Gala"

“2022 Spring Festival Opera Gala” is a comprehensive opera party that activates the vitality of traditional Chinese opera with the spirit of the times, and is national, authoritative, artistic, and leading. The whole party is closely related to the legacy and artistic height of Chinese opera, bringing together the old, middle, young, and young generations of Chinese opera performers, including stage performances, micro-films, documentary filming, creative language, and film and television series. , Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland cross-regional filming and other TV production methods, to create a profound thought and rich content of artworks, reflecting the temperature of the era of “drama is by your side”.

This evening party has gathered more than 30 opera genres and more than 70 opera troupes across the country, and nearly 100 famous opera masters have actively participated. By creating excellent opera works that infiltrate and inspire people’s hearts, it reflects the old, middle, young and young generations of opera. The spiritual inheritance of people’s persistence and persistence, and actively create a prosperous China, a happy and peaceful New Year atmosphere.

The theme of this evening party is “meeting opera around you and me”, showing the moments related to opera in people’s lives. In terms of structure, it broke the conventional mode of host series in the past and invited many famous opera masters to watch and chat together to create a lively, festive and peaceful atmosphere.

“The key to the prosperity and development of the Chinese opera industry is people.” The party used micro-films to show the moving stories of the old, middle, and young generations of Chinese opera people who have passed on their successes, persevered and continued to forge ahead.

More than 30 years of Spring Festival Gala, innovation must first be upright

Since the formation of the group in September 2021, they have found after countless rounds of brainstorming that the premise of innovation must return to the originality of opera, and it is possible to properly give it a sense of the times by starting from the tradition.

So they began to interpret the mystery that has been passed down for hundreds of years from the hundreds of classic works of various dramas and realized the weight and difficulty of the word “inheritance” in the legendary stories of famous actors and actresses. Looking for the imprint of Chinese opera in people’s hearts in the fireworks of people’s life of “Celebrating the New Year and watching big dramas”.

Opera is by your side and the concept of “Renewal” runs through

The pilot film is the prelude and prelude to the whole party. They want to attract the audience with an interesting, innovative, and immersive opening method.

The most likely to resonate emotionally is the common people’s clothing, food, housing, and transportation, so they combine the daily behavior of opera people such as hanging voices and postures into ordinary life scenes such as buying breakfast, pasting Spring Festival couplets, lunch gatherings, and shopping. With reasonable and unexpected plot design and exaggerated techniques of film montage, it creates a scene atmosphere where opera is everywhere and connects to the stage of the Spring Festival Opera Gala in one go.

The theme of “Opera is by your side” runs from the pilot film to the series interaction, cross-talk sketches, and creative programs of the whole party. They have invited dozens of famous opera artists to perform in sketches to tell the stories of operas for everyone.

The sketch “Liyuan Community” starts from life and expresses the yearning for a better life with the unique humor of opera people.

“2022 Spring Festival Opera Gala”, as a key program during the Spring Festival of China Central Radio and Television Station, embodies the expectations of audiences who love opera art all over the world. Young people in opera, like and pay attention to the art of opera, has become one of the themes of my creation of the whole show this year.

The new opera rap “I want to learn to sing opera” boldly uses robots to join opera performances. When AI intelligence meets traditional opera, it becomes a special scene of the Spring Festival opera party.

The creative program “Tiger Lives Might” takes “tiger” as the element, integrates opera martial arts, Chinese martial arts, and popular street dance, hoping to imprint a clear and trendy tone for the Spring Festival Opera Gala in the Year of the Tiger.

Young actor Zhang Jin has been deeply involved in the creation and presentation of works since he received the performance invitation. During the recording interval, actor Zhang Jin told us that in the past, he always felt that opera was out of reach, but this close contact with opera made him feel that opera can be so “burning”.

The “renew” of traditional classic arias is the most brain-burning and the most cautious of our team. It is necessary to return to the original body, but also to bring forth the new. From the well-known names, everyone finds the names of the dramas starting with numbers from one to ten, and they are connected together to form “perfect”. In order to highlight the visual impact of the show, everyone decided to use a long shot with one shot to the end for all the programs of more than 10 minutes, which is undoubtedly a very difficult challenge.

“Rejuvenation” is also reflected in the stage presentation of the Spring Festival Opera Gala. Inspired by Chinese classical aesthetics, they use a 360-degree immersive visual layout. And use 4K ultra-high-definition AR technology to create a very modern “cyberpunk” urban building, when a giant tiger-headed boat passed through the air, a virtual pear orchard world with a combination of Chinese and Western styles with a sense of national fashion came on the head.

Out of the circle and breakthrough, starting from the feelings of opera people

Back then, a “Farewell My Concubine” made Chinese opera successfully “out of the circle” all over the world. Maybe they can also use the narrative method of the movie to tell a story about opera people “passing from generation to generation”, and the inspiration is sometimes in one thought, the idea of ​​the micro-movie “Fire” came into being.

In the film, they have assembled famous opera masters Shang Changrong, Cai Zhengren, Ma Jinfeng (100 years old), Ye Peng, Yao Xuanqiu, Zhang Huoding, opera theorists Zhao Jingbo, Zhang Guanzheng, representatives of the graduate class of outstanding young actors of Chinese Peking Opera, teachers of the China Academy of Opera The representatives of the student’s co-star.

The filming and post-production of this 5-minute micro-movie lasted more than 3 months. Many young directors had tears in their eyes, realizing that “Chinese opera, passed down from generation to generation” has a long way to go.

Only by starting from the feelings of opera people and relying on the body of opera, can there be breakthroughs and innovations. The creative program “Loyalty and Righteousness” is inspired by the brave and unyielding loyal ministers and generals in traditional dramas. In the program, they brought together famous opera masters from Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Yu Kuizhi, Luo Jiaying, and Li Baochun to jointly perform the heroic Guan Yu.

The performance of Guan Gong opera is extremely difficult, especially for Luo Jiaying, a famous Cantonese opera artist, it is indeed a big challenge. On the eve of the shooting, Mr. Luo Jiaying sent them the video of his practice every day like a “check-in”, and repeatedly asked Li Baochun and Yu Kuizhi for details of the performance. His competition and dedication to art moved everyone.

And these real behind-the-scenes stories also inspired our creation. They decided to start with a reality show to strengthen the characters and real states of the three famous artists.

“The fragrance of wine is also not afraid of deep alleys” is also an important mission to spread

In the overall planning, they realized that only by realizing “large and small screen linkage” and two-way empowerment can the communication effect be maximized. The whole stage mainly adopts LED transparent screens, LED video walls and 300㎡ BOB LED floor screens to make up.

They made a bold attempt again and used the most popular production methods to create a media-integrated spin-off show “A Drama Every Year”. The program gathered more than 20 hosts of the main station to experience the beauty of opera by means of the real-life immersion experience, through exploring the recording site of the Spring Festival Opera Gala, interviews, novice experience, in-depth learning, graduation opera show, and other links.

The host group of the main station is “Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger”, and there is no shortage of senior fans who are extremely fond of opera. What touched and gratified me the most was that when they contacted colleagues and said that they would do this spin-off show, everyone did not hesitate. Said to participate and contribute to the dissemination of opera.

“A Drama Every Year” bears the brunt of the accumulated popularity on the small screen, boosting the Spring Festival Opera Gala and the “out of the circle” of opera, and achieving a certain increase in viewing on the big screen. This year’s Spring Festival Gala has also made great innovations in communication ideas. They first released some highlights of individual programs, and carried out a confession relay on the Weibo side of “The art of opera is passed down from generation to generation. I am here”, realizing the full mobilization of the opera industry for the first time, in order to carry forward the excellent tradition Cultural cohesion.

They uphold the awe of tradition and do their best to make traditional opera shine with new brilliance by integrating innovative methods. Its charm deserves to be seen by more people! In the future, we should make unremitting efforts to make opera flourish and pass it on from generation to generation.


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