5 Things You Should Look for in an LED Screen Supplier

5 Things You Should Look for in an LED Screen Supplier

Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote themselves and their products. One way they do this is through graphic and electronic billboards.

By 2021, digital ad spending will have surpassed $375 billion, and how do you think they will do that? With LED display screens. So it’s obvious if you’re looking to promote your business, you’ll need these screens in your arsenal.

However, when you are looking for quality LED screens, you have to also find a quality LED screen supplier. These are not just anywhere and it can be difficult to find one who can offer decent, let alone superior, quality.

But if this is you, here are some things to look out for if you are in search of good LED screens, and by virtue, a good LED display supplier.

Things to Look Out For

It’s not always easy to find quality, long-lasting LED screens, and even harder to find their distributors. Be here are some things to consider when on the search.

“The Spread”

When looking for a quality LED screen, most people will say they want something cheap because they’re just “too expensive”. But the problem is, you get what you pay for.

You end up spending more in the long term for a cheaper alternative. You want reliability for your screen because if the tech stops working, your business loses advertising and promotion, which in turn loses money.

You want a supplier who can prove their product is reliable and good quality like us at Xinyiguang where we take great pride in our product reliability. We can help you find a balance between price and product quality.

The Location For Your Panels

The next thing you want to consider is the location. Does your company need indoor or outdoor panels? Do you need wall or floor screens? These are important questions to consider going into your research.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

When choosing which one you need, the answer may seem simple. But there are differences between the two that should be considered before just making a decision.

The differences start with the fact that the outdoor screens have higher IP protection against erosive factors like dust and water, as well as higher brightness levels.

Whereas indoor LED display screens do not offer the same kind of IP protection. They are used for inside conditions. Outdoor screens can be used inside, and probably offer more protection.

Keep in mind that multicolor LED screens actually have a high resistance to humidity. SO this can work in your business’s favor, and add more merit to the supplier who offers this.

Wall or Floor

This one is fairly easy to decide, but can be the difference between your business being basic or wowing customers with your attention to detail. You want a supplier that can offer you both options.

Of course, we at Xinyiguang have all these options for whatever your need is, so you can choose your preference.

Component Makeup

Component makeup and pixel pitch are important factors to the quality of you LED screen. You want a LED screen supplier who is both knowledgeable of these two and their relationship, as well as their ability to offer the best of the two.

Some component offerings should include the ability to fit the usage rate, or ‘uptime’. For more important usage, the LED screen should be able to switch seamlessly between varying sources of power.

This ensures that the broadcasting of critical or important information and content goes uninterrupted.

For the best suppliers, they should be able to offer reduced cabling and convenient installation. They may not offer the actual installation, but they will make it less expensive for you to install it at your business.

Pixel Pitch

Pixel Pitch is also important to the integrity of your screen and therefore the supplier. This is the density of pixels in an LED screen that results in the resolution level. Essentially, a lower pixel pitch results in a lower resolution.

A 55′ LED screen with an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels will not be as good as the same television that has 4k resolution. So pixel pitch is important and goes to the amount of detail you want to reflect on your business.

For every 1m you or anyone stand away from your LED screen you should have 1mm of the pitch. This is purely up to your preferences and needs for your business, but people pay attention to details so why wouldn’t you want the best?

Environmental Restrictions

Environmental (and therefore legal) restrictions are extremely important to the type of screen you can have being displayed. State and local government ordinances can cap the type of screens you can and cannot use.

Also depending on what you are using the screen for (i.e. things in entertainment and broadcasting), you may need to have it specifically designed to handle varying frequencies and harmonics.

A supplier should be able to advise you as to which are the best options for your specific needs of the LED screen. This is something we do at Xinyiguang.

Choosing the Best Supplier

LED screens are a great thing to have for display in your business office or public areas to promote your firm’s products and broadcast their achievements. However, when finding the best LED Supplier for you, there is a lot to consider:

Things like Location, component makeup, pixel pitch, and resolution can mean the difference between a quality investment or a complete waste of money. But if you look for these things, there is no doubt that you will get the best product for your business.

We are confident you will find all these things in us at Xiyinguang and our products. We can make your LED screen the way you want it to be, the way you need it to be. That is our promise. So don’t wait, let us fulfill all your LED needs.

If you have any other questions or concerns about what we have to offer, feel free to contact us here.

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