7 Fantastic Benefits of LED Systems

Are you looking to update your old home lighting system? Are you searching for a more efficient option that doesn’t break the bank? Then a light-emitting diode (LED) system is an excellent choice to consider.

Though the average power consumption in Chinese homes is low, we cannot say the same for western countries like the United States. Thus, people continue to search for better alternatives to traditional lighting solutions.

With LED lights, you can enjoy exactly that and much more. But what exactly are the benefits of LED lighting? Is it truly a wise decision to shift to LED or is it only all hype?

Continue reading below for seven fantastic benefits of using an LED system at home.

1. Energy Efficiency

One of the most popular benefits of LED systems is energy efficiency. LED light bulbs consume fewer amounts of electricity but yield better lighting quality.

Because LED lights operate at low voltage, they score around 80-90% efficiency. This means LED lights turn 80-90% of their energy into light instead of heat.

On the flip side, your conventional incandescent light bulbs lose about 80% of energy to heat. This means their efficiency rating is a measly 20%.

Because of this, more American homes are switching to LEDs. And those who switched to LEDs collectively saved around $657 million annually in their monthly electric bills.

2. Longer-Lasting

Apart from energy efficiency, LED systems last longer compared to other lighting systems. First, they are one of the most durable lighting solutions available today. LED manufacturers use sturdy materials that can survive most vibrations, shocks, and even harsh weather conditions.

These materials include a small chip inside an epoxy plant enclosure. This makes the bulbs far stronger compared to neon tubes and incandescent bulbs.

And since they are sturdy, you can expect them to last longer. Your LED lights can last you an average of 35,000 hours. Sometimes, they can even reach 100,000 hours of service.

Thus, with normal usage, they can reach up to 15 years at six to eight hours of daily use.

3. Eco-Friendly

As global warming and climate change continue to become a serious concern, opting for eco-friendly solutions is a must. Thankfully, LED systems are exactly that.

For starters, LED lights don’t come with any toxic compounds. They also don’t use elements like mercury that may harm the environment. You can also recycle them, which helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, LED lights produce nearly zero ultraviolet (UV) emissions. This means the heat they produce will not pose any hazards to humans and precious materials.

If you’re keeping precious paintings at home, you can safely illuminate them with LED lights. You will have no worries about the heat coming from the LED lights damaging the painting.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability

LED systems also offer remarkable flexibility and adaptability. You can install LED light bulbs not only indoors but also outdoors. This is because LED systems can perform even in hot or cold temperatures without sustaining notable degradation.

Fluorescent lights require a higher voltage at low temperatures. But with LEDs, the story is very much different. LED lights increase their performance under colder temperatures.

Hence, companies use LED lights for their cold storage spaces, freezers, and displacement cases.

And because of their smaller size, you can install LED light bulbs practically anywhere you want. You can use them to light up your under-cabinet in the kitchen. You can also install them along hallways or inside your bathrooms.

You can even switch to LED lights for your Christmas light option. They are more economical and safe enough to leave your Christmas tree lights open all night.

And if you are planning to build a home theater, you can invest in an indoor LED screen for that movie vibe.

5. Remarkable Color Rendering

Another notable benefit of LED systems is their impressive color rendering capabilities. For starters, LEDs come with correlated color temperature (CCT) values. This means you can get them at different hues like cool, yellowish, or warm glow.

Moreover, you can get LEDs with stronger and richer colors like blue, red, and amber. With many color choices available, LEDs are now one of the easy favorites of companies advertising their products via LED outdoor screens.

They can showcase images of different designs in full and crisp colors. Compared to traditional billboard options, these outdoor screens are more eye-catching for anyone who passes by and even from afar.

6. Safety

The excellence of LED lights is incomplete without covering the aspect of safety. Compared to other lighting solutions, LED systems are safer. Because they use fewer amounts of energy compared to incandescent lights, they reduce the risk of combustion.

You will also have fewer worries about burning your fingers when touching or replacing the bulbs.

And since they run on low-voltage electrical systems, the LED lights will likely not cause any fires in case something goes wrong with the electrical connections. This also means you can leave your LED lights on for several hours without risking the safety of your home.

7. Better Manageability

Last but not least, LED systems offer better manageability. LED lights offer an “instant-on” feature. This means it will reach its full brightness the moment you flip the switch.

On the other hand, fluorescent and other lighting solutions take around three minutes before reaching their maximum light output.

Also, some LED lights come with dimming options. You can adjust the brightness of the lights by turning a knob. This gives you the option to further reduce energy consumption especially during the daytime.

Experience the Benefits of LED Systems

By understanding the benefits of LED systems, you can better determine where and how you can integrate them into your home. You can improve the lighting in key areas in your house and enjoy more efficient energy consumption.

And if you’re looking for LED solutions to invest in, then you came to the right place. Connect with us and request a free quote. Tell us about your plans and let’s discuss your options.

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