7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Outdoor LED Display Screen

Do you anticipate an event in the future and want a way to present information in a fun and dynamic way? Are you a business owner that wants to advertise your products or services to people in the local area? An outdoor screen may be the best choice for you.

Read on to learn the top seven things you need to consider before you purchase an outdoor LED display screen.

What Is an Outdoor LED Display Screen?

Before we get into the items you should consider before purchasing one, it’s essential to know what an outdoor display is so that you can fully appreciate the benefits it offers. An outdoor LED display screen can be as large or as small as you desire, though they’re typically used as large billboards.

These displays can play video or any kind of advertising content that you desire. They can also be used for informative or educational purposes, such as showing the schedule to the latest event, presenting information, or maps of the local area.

1. Location

You must consider where your LED screen will be located before you make a purchase. This will determine the size you need as well as the resolution and pixel pitch you’ll need to achieve a clear picture that can be viewed from a distance. Here are a few locations where these displays are commonly installed:

  • Backyards
  • Near roads and highways
  • Near city councils
  • Inside or outside shopping malls
  • Inside or outside event venues

The pixel pitch measures the distance between pixels on a screen. You can find the perfect pixel pitch by calculating the viewing distance. For instance, if you have an outdoor display that’s going to be viewed four meters away, then your pixel pitch will be four millimeters or P4. Most outdoor displays range from P4 to P10.

2. Resolution

You’ll also want to consider the resolution of your display, depending on its location and size. The resolution is what creates more vibrant color and contrast, and you’ll find that screens with a better resolution also cost more.

To find the best resolution for your screen, you’ll first want to know the size your screen needs to be as well as the pixel pitch. If the size of the screen is in meters, convert those measures into millimeters. For each measurement, divide that by the pixel pitch.

3. Remote Connection

Now that you know the proper size for your screen as well as the best resolution for the anticipated viewing distance, it’s time to look into how you’re able to broadcast video and images onto the screen. You must look at the vendor’s website and see what options they’re able to offer in terms of remote connection.

You want to be able to use an administration panel from the comfort of your business or your own home to change on the fly what you want people to see on the screen.

Being able to quickly change what you’re showing on your screens is one of the best selling points. If you’re a business owner, you can use this control to quickly sell advertising space to local businesses that can quickly amount to greater than your purchase price of the display.

4. Customer Service

Remember that you’re not just purchasing an LED screen; you’re also investing in the vendor’s services. We know you’re probably focusing on all the product details of the outdoor screen you’re about to purchase, but you need to focus equally as hard on the vendor’s website.

Consider whether the website is easy to navigate and whether or not they provide easy to find contact information. Can you call them as well as email them? If you do email them with questions, consider how long it takes for them to respond.

In their about section or in the footer of the website, you also want to be sure that they display their location as well as provide some information about their company. This will help you determine whether this is an established company or one that’s in it for short-term profits and little support.

5. Outdoor Solutions

Last but not least, you want to make sure that the LED display screen you’re purchasing is built specifically for outdoor conditions. These displays will include:

  • Better maximum brightness and contrast for many lighting conditions
  • Weatherproof construction to withstand rain, snow, and more
  • Customizable sizes for a variety of applications
  • Energy-efficiencies for longterm cost-savings

Remember that for outdoor displays, you’ll need to check with your city to make sure that you have all the proper licenses. You also don’t want to be violating any ordinances in place. Although many displays are built to be easily assembled, you may also need the help of a professional technician, especially if your display is large and needs to be installed at a high angle.

Capturing Attention With Impactful Advertising

Now that you know all about the details you need to research and investigate before purchasing an outdoor LED display screen, you’re well on your way for an impactful form of advertising.

Now more than ever before, people are drawn to video versus still images. You’ll be able to divert attention away from personal screens onto the screen you’ve invested in.

Even better, LED screens give you the ability to showcase a variety of content without needing to be replaced and re-installed. Ready to start your purchase? Check out our outdoor LED screen offerings today for businesses and individuals all over the world!

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