Congratulations to Shenzhen Xinyiguang for winning the award of “Top Ten LED Stage Creative and Stage Rental Screen Brands”

On Wednesday, December 23, 2020, the industry brand event hosted by HC LED Screen-“Break the Cocoon·Chasing Dreams” 2020 HC LED Display Top Ten Brands Awards Ceremony, grandly held in Shenzhen Kingkey 100 St. Regis Hotel Held. More than 400 guests from LED display industry association leaders, industry experts, business leaders, elite representatives, and distributors/agents/engineers from all over the country attended this awards ceremony to witness the bright moments of the company. Discuss the new technology, new trend, and new development of LED displays together.

The company’s marketing director Lv Yang attended the award ceremony on behalf of Shenzhen Xinyiguang.

Behind the award, it has witnessed the 8 years of hard work of Shenzhen Xinyiguang and witnessed the hard work of the leaders and the workers. This award is a reward for Shenzhen Xinyiguang’s dedication and integrity. In the future, we will not forget our original intention, forge ahead, continue to develop LED intelligent interactive floor screens that meet customer needs, and provide the fastest delivery time and the best product quality.

As the most technologically interesting product in the LED display industry, Xinyiguang LED floor screens can render different atmospheres for different venues to bring different visual feasts to the audience. The LED intelligent interactive floor screen realizes human-screen interaction through human-computer interaction technology, which makes the experience feel interesting and attracts the flow of people. Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor screen can not only realize the human-machine interaction on the ground, but also realize the linkage interaction between the floor screen and the video wall, and has been committed to providing LED floor screens for exhibitions, museums, planning halls, commercial complexes, and other fields. Customized services for creative modeling design and creative display solutions.