Flight Information Display System

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is a computer system used to display airport flight information to facilitate passengers and pick-up visitors to grasp flight information. This computer system will control mechanical or electronic billboards or TV screens to display real-time entry and exit flight information. This display system is mostly installed in the airport passenger terminal or in the transportation facilities connected to the airport, and the airport website will also be connected to this system to provide real-time flight information. Some large airports use different flight information systems in different passenger terminals and even provide independent systems for use by large airlines.

Flight Information Display System

Rely on the rapid response of the LCD panel, to achieve the multi-color display in the same area. Without a color filter to achieve color display, the display color display aperture ratio is exactly the same, thereby improving the recognition.

  • Seismic specifications:1.2G, Seismic resistance:7.
  • Self-diagnostic function ( memory, backlight, fan, etc .)
  • Replace the display function when the module is faulty.
  • Intelligent temperature control function.
  • To prevent CPU crash function.
  • Anti-lightning function.
  • Anti-static function.
  • To prevent instantaneous power failure.
  • Eliminate AC power noise.
  • Modular replacement, maintainability.

Using chip built-in backlight (for high brightness)

Compared with RGB three-color independent components, using the built-in backlight of the three-color RGB chip, the number of chips that constitute each color is significantly increased, the brightness is also improved, and the spacing between the chips is reduced, and the bright spot phenomenon is significantly improved.

Field sequential scanning color display

Relying on the fast response of the liquid crystal panel, a multi-color display in the same area is realized. The color display is realized without using color filters, and the display aperture ratio of each display color is exactly the same, thereby improving the recognizability.

Wide perspective and High contrast

Through the development of FTN-type liquid crystal based on wide viewing angle film, the color difference when viewed from various angles is reduced,  and with a high-efficiency LED backlight, a very high contrast ratio has been achieved.

Fast response

Use the most suitable liquid crystal panel material, thus realizing a fast response display and making scrolling display possible.

Easy to maintain

The specially designed backlight structure makes repair work such as backlight replacement easier.

Remote dimming function of the backlight

The specially designed backlight structure makes repair work such as backlight replacement easier.

Flight Information Display System

Display materialFTNT transparent LCD
Display resolution24×24 dot
Display size91x107mm
Optical characteristicsRGB Definable,Total 32*32*32 colors
Contrast1000:1(white/black,in the dark room)
Aperture ratio≧87%
Brightness≧1000cd/m2 (Display initial maximum value in white, adjustable)
View angles≧160°
Environment brightness request10lux~20,000lux
Control interfaceDigital
Respond speed2.8ms(Typical value at 25 ℃)
Backlight materialLED
Airline icon60 lines
Flight information31 bits x 60 lines
Free text message32-bit × 2 lines
Airline icon1bit
Flight name7 bits
Planning time3 bits
Destination / stop9 bits
Check-in area4 bits
Flight status7 bits
Free text message32 bits
Clock display4bits+colon
Airline icon640×480 DOT
Flight informationEnglish,digital,mark, Chinese
Lan10base-T,RJ45exclusive network IP address, configurable)
Serial interfaceRS-232,RS-485/422(optional)
Character height104.9mm
Visible distanceAbout 35m
Humidity20%~90%RH (Non-condensing)
Display panel≥100,000 hours
Backlight≥50,000 hours (brightness reduce to 1/2)
MTBF≥20,000 hours
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