Flight Information Display System

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is a computer system used to display airport flight information to facilitate passengers and pick-up visitors to grasp flight information. This computer system will control mechanical or electronic billboards or TV screens to display real-time entry and exit flight information. This display system is mostly installed in the airport passenger terminal or in the transportation facilities connected to the airport, and the airport website will also be connected to this system to provide real-time flight information. Some large airports use different flight information systems in different passenger terminals, and even provide independent systems for use by large airlines.

Product Features

Rely on the rapid response of the LCD panel, to achieve the multi-color display in the same area. Without a color filter to achieve color display, the display color display aperture ratio is exactly the same, thereby improving the recognition.

  • Seismic specifications:1.2G, Seismic resistance:7.
  • Self-diagnostic function ( memory, backlight, fan, etc .)
  • Replace the display function when the module is faulty.
  • Intelligent temperature control function.
  • To prevent CPU crash function.
  • Anti-lightning function.
  • Anti-static function.
  • To prevent instantaneous power failure.
  • Eliminate AC power noise.
  • Modular replacement, maintainability.
Broad perspective and High contrast

By developing FTN-based liquid crystal based on wide viewing angle film, the color difference at various angles is reduced. Through the FTN LCD and high-efficiency LED backlight development, to achieve high contrast.

Easy to maintain and Remote dimming function

Specially designed backlight structure, making the backlight repair and other maintenance work easier. According to the external signal, you can adjust the color and brightness.

Quick response

Using the most suitable liquid crystal panel material, in order to achieve a rapid response to the display and make the scroll display is also possible.

Suitable for large display devices

Rely on our company’s own LCD manufacturing technology, can reduce the color difference between the modules, and can be combined in multi-line,multi-stage equipment.

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