XYGLED-iSLE Exhibition Interview-LED floor screen

Our exhibition interview-LED floor screen


In this  ISLE Exhibition,our booth is made up of three areas as below.

1. Immersive room, naked eye 3d effects achieved, the three screens  all used LED floor screen ,the wall screen is P2.976(500×500 aluminum die-casting cabinets) interactive floor screen through stand installation which indicates that our floor screen not only installa on the floor, but also could be also installed on the wall, so it could be also used for rental use .The floor screen used P3.91 non -interactive floor screen with super loading capacity and anti-slip function .

2.In the front side is P2.976 interactive floor screen connecting with led video wall ,with our mature and excellent splicing technology ,it is achieved wall-floor interactive function ,you can see the video racing games effects .

3.Outdoor interactive floor screen .It is our first time display the outdoor led floor screen in the exhibition although we have done handreds of successful outdoor led floor screen project .From the video ,you can see that the screen is totally steeped into the water and works well ,actully we have done more than one week’s test that steep the screen into the water .The floor screen even could achieve the interactive effects under the water ,IP68 waterproof ability has experienced time testing .

The prodcuts shown in the exhibition is not our full production line .we could supply indoor and outdoor ,pixel pitach from p2.976 to P8.928 ,interactive or non-interactive led floors creen for you .

Below video link for you reference .

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