LED Display Enters the Era of Human Screen Interaction

Breaking the boundaries of “time and space”, everything can be immersed-LED display enters the era of human screen interaction!

In recent years, the immersive experience created by large LED displays combined with holographic projection, AR, VR, and other technological means has become a form of offline-online celebrity entertainment that consumers are eager for. Various industries are creating immersive experience pavilions. For example, the immersive experience restaurant, the immersive experience museum, the immersive experience cinema, the immersive experience game competition, etc., bring a new experience to people’s daily life.

In the display industry, game events are the first to test the immersive experience. For example, the 2019 League of Legends Professional League (LPL) Spring Finals was held in Foshan. The 350-square-meter carbon fiber series LED display was displayed in high-definition, rendering the atmosphere of the scene to the extreme.

When it comes to the immersive experience, we have to mention the LED floor screen. The immersive floor screen can not only realize the interaction between the ground and the man-machine, but also the interaction between the ground and the wall. Both the special effects display and the effect display have reached the high-tech level and are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

At present, immersive experiences are no longer limited to game events, floor screens. They can also be widely used in transportation (civil aviation, subway), exhibitions, museums, planning halls, commercial complexes, education, media, tourism, digital stage art, sports, medical and other places. With the acceleration of my country’s digitalization process and the rapid development of digital multimedia, there will be more and more high-tech digital interactive creative displays.

Wide application of immersive experience

1. Immersive digital sand table

2. Immersive model room of real estate sales office

3. CAVE cinema

4. Digital showroom

5. Modern Agriculture

6.  Immersive classroom

7. Immersive restaurant

In the commercial field, the immersive cyberpunk cultural food street created by OXO City is an innovation. Nearly 40 LED displays are scattered in the street, and the gorgeous neon light is embellished with beautiful warm colors. The temptation of the ultimate light and shadow rushed towards you.

With its large screen and high-definition resolution, the led display has become the main display solution for creating immersive scenes, and it is also very popular in exhibition halls, exhibition halls, and other scenes. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The use of VR technology to create an immersive experience hall to reproduce the party’s historical events has become a craze for party-building celebrations in various places. The LED display screen and the human-computer interaction system are integrated to create a vivid life. In the environment, it provides party members with an immersive experience, which effectively solves the problems of incomplete display content, large investment, poor learning experience, and insufficient interaction in current party-building activities.

In addition to being widely used in exhibitions, immersion also occupies a large position in the field of outdoor advertising. This year’s popular naked-eye 3D outdoor large screen is one of the representatives. The naked-eye 3D giant screen attracts the attention of many citizens.

Realistic naked eye 3D LED display technology equipped with AR/VR/XR technology, can create an immersive experience scene with a sense of presence, greatly enhance the effectiveness of advertising, increase the effectiveness of advertising and the output of advertising, indirectly enhance the value of the led display, and broaden the application field of the led display.

In June this year, the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Cultural and Tourism Development” and the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Cultural Industry Development” promulgated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism both mentioned the goal of completing “100 immersive experience projects” during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. With the innovation and upgrading of the cultural and tourism industry entering a new period of development, many types of equipment, especially the display and visual effects software and hardware, are constantly being updated. And the digital display equipment with “immersive experience” as the core also needs to be updated with each passing day.

Breaking the boundaries of "time and space", everything can be immersed-LED display enters the era of human screen interaction!

At this year’s ISLE exhibition, the organizers also made efforts in an immersive experience, introducing integrators that provide digital creative content, such as Xinhuanet, Beijing Normal University, etc., to create cool experience scenes. The meticulously created digital creative art exhibition area, displaying a number of interactive light and shadow art installations, has become a popular check-in point for Internet celebrities in this exhibition.

For a long time, the traditional large LED screens have been facing the audience in a “one-way communication” way. This method is not only “passive”, but also gradually lacks dynamic and innovative ideas. Some people in the industry once said, “We can’t just improve the display effect blindly. We also need to explore how to diversify the functions and applications of the display screen and maximize the value. The led display should not only be positioned as a static broadcast carrier. Think about how to achieve a good interaction between the audience and the display screen. “The realization of “human screen interaction” in the led display industry is the ultimate destination of the intelligent development of led display screens. How to realize the combination of the LED display screens and the Internet, mobile Internet, and big data, ISLE will work with LED screen companies to explore and open up a broader application space for display.

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