LED outdoor display

System features:

Display function: the outdoor screen uses multimedia and synchronous control technology, its display and playback can be completely consistent with the content on the control computer screen, the image color, scaling ratio and display size on the LED display screen, but also can be adjusted at will on the computer by the mouse.

The specific functions are as follows:

1. Text display can display various fonts in Chinese and English at any point matrix, there are a variety of display entry and exit methods, and the display transformation is flexible.

2. Table display Can draw a variety of table display, the data in the table can be manually entered and changed by the special editing software, or can be automatically collected and displayed from the online database through the special software.

3. Picture display You can put all kinds of landscape and character pictures on the screen for display.

4. Animation playback can display the graphic animation content produced by the animation software.

5. Video playback Access to VCD/DVD, video recorder, camera and other video signal sources, the screen can display video screen; Access the closed circuit 6 TV signal, you can watch the TV programs of each channel on the screen.

7. Combined display The editing software can be used to combine and superimpose text, pictures, tables, animations and videos.

8. Time display Can collect the current time in the computer, and timely display in sections, the content may include: year, month, day, week, hour, minute, second, etc.

9. Temperature display Access the temperature sensor, the display can display the current temperature in time.

Brightness control Can accept the control command sent by the environmental monitoring system, and adjust the brightness of the display according to the ambient illumination to achieve the best viewing effect.

Sound features:

1. Access to the sound system, can achieve sound display, audio system can meet the requirements of live audio and video synchronization.

2. The use of high-power power amplifier equipment (including broad tone, bass, treble equipment) to achieve wide range, low distortion.

3. The speaker adopts two-way and three-way professional speakers, which have high-frequency compensation function and produce a plump and meticulous sound effect.

4. Use an 8-way professional mixer to create a surround effect in a music whirlpool.

5. Equipped with independent L/R stereo two-channel output playback system to produce realistic stereo effects.

Environmental monitoring and safety protection functions:

1. The test and regulation function of temperature and humidity in the screen.

2. Rainy day anti-water ingress monitoring and control function.

3. Adoption of lightning protection technology.

4. The use of anti-static technology.

5. The power distribution system has the functions of over voltage, over current, under voltage, phase loss, short circuit protection, and has the function of power factor compensation.

6. Through the automatic control system of the control cabinet, the automatic switch screen of the display screen can be realized, that is, the automatic control function of the power supply.

Fault automatic alarm function:

1. Display fault alarm.

2. Control system fault alarm.

3. Environmental monitoring system fault alarm.

4. Smoke alarm function.

Remote editing and control functions:

1. Remote editing and control of LAN can be realized.

2. Remote editing and control of telephone network can be realized.

3. Network group display control can be realized.


The outdoor display is composed of RED, green and blue LED light-emitting tubes. The unit box adopts a fully sealed design, which reaches the IP68 shell protection level, and has perfect waterproof, moisture-proof, salt-proof, insect and rat pest-proof, and dust-proof requirements. And with high display resolution, high brightness, low power consumption, stable performance and other characteristics, can receive a variety of video signals, especially suitable for application in advertising media, stadiums live broadcast game situation and various public facilities and other places.

Technical Notes

Display technical features:

1. Excellent effect: using dynamic scanning technology, the picture is stable, there is no clutter, the image effect is clear, the animation effect is vivid and diverse, and the video effect is smooth;

2. Rich content: can display text, charts, images, animations, video information;

3. Flexible mode: the display mode can be arranged by the user at will;

4. Quality assurance: high efficiency luminescent materials, high quality IC chips, noise-free high-power power supply;

5. Large amount of information: the displayed information is not limited;

6. Convenient maintenance: modular design, easy installation and maintenance;

Display system features:

1. With the computer as the processing control center, the electronic screen corresponds to a certain area of the computer monitor (VGA) window point by point, the display content is synchronized in real time, the screen mapping position can be adjusted, and the size of the display screen can be easily and arbitrarily selected.

2. The display dot matrix adopts ultra-high brightness LED light tube (red and green dual primary color), 256 levels of grayscale, 65536 kinds of color change combinations, rich and vivid colors, and supports VGA 24-bit true color display mode.

3. Equipped with graphic information and three-dimensional animation playback software, it can play high-quality graphic information and three-dimensional animation. The way the playback software displays information includes covering, closing, opening the curtain, alternating colors, zooming in and out, and so on.

4. Using special program editing and playback software, you can edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information through different input means such as keyboard, mouse, scanner and so on. The arrangement is stored in the control host or server hard disk, and the program playback sequence and time realize integrated alternate playback and can be superimposed on each other.

5. Can receive video signals such as display recorders and DVD players. 

The basic components of the full-color display:

1. Metal structure frame outdoor screen is generally composed of aluminum alloy (angle aluminum or aluminum square tube) to form the inner frame, equipped with display board and other circuit boards and switching power supply, the outer frame is made of brown aluminum alloy square tube, or aluminum alloy wrapped stainless steel, or sheet metal integration.

2. The display unit is indoor for the unit template, and the outdoor is generally the unit box.

3. Scan control board The function of the circuit board is data buffering, generating various scan signals and duty cycle grayscale control signals.

4. Switching power supply 220V AC power into a variety of DC power to improve to a variety of circuits.

5. Twisted pair transmission cable The display data and various control signals generated by the main control equipment are transmitted from the twisted pair cable to the screen body.

6. The main control device buffers the input RGB digital video signal, converts the grayscale, reorganizes, and generates various control signals.

7. Special display card and multimedia card In addition to the basic functions of the computer display card, it also outputs digital RGS signals and lines, fields, blanking and other signals to the main control device. In addition to the above functions, the input analog Video signal can be converted into a digital RGB signal (i.e. video capture).

8. Computers and their peripherals

9. Other information sources TV DVD/VCD player, video recorder and switching matrix, etc.

High-performance display control and display technology optimization features:

1. Using the most advanced international 65536 (16bit) level grayscale control technology, completely solve the mosaic phenomenon of the full-color display screen in the low grayscale display, so that the displayed image is too natural, the color is delicate and vivid, and the true restoration of the video source is fully realized.

2. The display contrast ratio reaches 6400:1, which makes the displayed image hierarchical and overcomes the influence of the full-color display screen by the brightness transformation of the outside world.

3. The display color can reach 281.5 trillion kinds, which fully meets the input requirements of various advanced food sources and can display perfect and vivid colors.

4. Using virtual pixel display technology, in the case of the same display size, the clarity is 4 times higher than that of ordinary LED display, and the LED display can display unparalleled fine patterns.

5. Using the drive board level gray level control technology, the non-linear correction function is integrated into the driver board chip, using 65536 level gray level correction technology, greatly improving the data transmission rate, while improving the stability of the system, in a non-linear correction way to drive the LED tube, so that the LED display screen adapts to the non-linear needs of the human eye, so as to show a vivid and vivid video picture, the image is more stable.

6. The use of gigabit-level single-network cable transmission technology and board-level grayscale processing technology, so that the data transmission rate is greatly improved, 8 scan display scanning frequency can reach 1200HZ, eliminating the LED display flickering phenomenon, eliminating the fatigue of human eye viewing, to the maximum extent to meet the shooting needs of digital equipment.

7. The use of constant current drive circuit ensures the stability and reliability of the LED light-emitting tube, while extending the life of the LED light-emitting tube and ensuring the consistency of the LED diode.

8. The brightness contrast of the LED display screen and each unit module can be adjusted separately through the software field, with memory ability to ensure the consistency of the brightness of the whole screen of the display.

9. The brightness of the LED light emitting diode will be attenuated to varying degrees, and it only takes 2 hours to restore the display to the uniform state at the factory using the point-by-point brightness adjustment technology.

10. Using system redundancy technology, it can realize the two-way data transmission of the system scan controller, and one of the scan controllers is damaged or the fault of the level connection does not affect the normal display of the whole screen.

11. Using cascading error reporting and data back haul technology, the entire LED display system connection and unit connection status can be intuitively monitored at the local control end or remotely to reduce the maintenance cost and troubleshooting cycle of the entire equipment.

12. Adopt industrial grade switching power supply, and reduce the load by 20%. Using advanced power management technology, over current, over voltage, overheating, short circuit and other protective measures, the whole screen heat generation is extremely low, can be long-term stable.

13. The standard resolution of the system technology is 1280 * 1024, which can be customized for a variety of larger resolution displays, and the transmission distance between the computer and the LED display: the use of ordinary network cables can reach 120 meters, and the use of optical fibers can reach 15 kilometers.