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Located where the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea intersect, Hengqin Island is situated in a natural landscape of tropical forests, green hills, natural springs, and blue coastlines.  The island is the largest among the 146 islands of Zhuhai, being roughly three times the size of Macau, and is designated Hengqin New Area Special Economic District, similar to Pudong New Area in Shanghai, and is to be developed as a leisure and cultural destination.

Set in the Cultural District of Hengqin Island, the brief called for a unique world-class mixed-use project comprising of diverse components including retail, office, sports, and cultural facilities such as the innovative themed pavilion of Real Madrid World and an exclusive automobile experience center.

The vision was to create the cultural and commercial heart of Hengqin.  The solution was to design a master plan with a disposition that facilitates synergy between the different functions to encourage a hybrid experience.  By extending the public realm through strategically located open spaces and green corridors, the cultural, recreational, F&B, commercial and social activities seamlessly interact so that the transition between indoor and outdoor becomes an opportunity to provide alfresco dining, external play, sports, and leisure activities. Use LED outdoor floor screen to attract tourists and provide interactive experiences.

As a cultural and entertainment destination, drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural environment and traditional Chinese cultural references, the various themed pavilions and low-rise cultural workshops are arranged as clusters of flowers: the Real Madrid World pavilion and an automobile experience center football experience center is a state-of-the-art leisure & entertainment hub leveraging the latest AI, AR and VR technology to enhance the guest experience in telling the story of the greatest team to have graced the world’s greatest sport.  Inspired by bio-dynamics and aerodynamics, the form and the curved motif of the building are derived from the movement and trajectory in the striking of a football.  The arcs created by this movement influenced the building form while the spherical shape of a football, formed and molded from a hexagonal patchwork, informed the façade panel pattern design and aesthetics.  referencing a white calla and a red chrysanthemum respectively within a lush and green garden, while the surrounding offices take the form of butterflies landing gently around them.

The building adopts a double-skin façade system, with a simple and economical water-tight concrete-box inner performance layer, which allows for an impressive and fully expressive decorative façade layered with aluminum fins and glass-fiber reinforced concrete panels to create the dynamic curvilinear form.  Within the pavilion, visitors will find retail elements, display areas, and a series of bespoke indoor interactive football experiences.  On the roof level, framed by grand steps on both sides, is an outdoor terrace that caters to the F&B offering and serves as the victory platform on which fans can celebrate every win.

The automobile experience center is designed to house bespoke motor sport-themed experiences and the building form is based on the motorsport racer’s perception of kinetic energy.  The flowing curves described with incremental finite units create the Moire effect, a visual perception that facilitates dynamic interaction between visitors and the architecture as they move through the master plan and building.

Internally, the main entrance is located on Level 2 to allow direct access to the elevated walkway that links to adjacent pavilions, offices, dormitories, retail, and hotel in the existing and future phases.  The internal planning of the pavilion required high ceilings and long column spans to allow maximum flexibility for the different interactive zones and activities which are all accessed from the grand central atrium.

The exciting architectural forms are arranged and connected in a dynamic way to enable a unique journey through the development. The fluid building forms capture and reflect the energy of the activities within each cultural pavilion making each building a unique icon in its own right.

The Novotown Clubhouse, the third anchor in this cultural development, is no different and the building takes the shape of a resting butterfly within the garden and amongst the adjacent towers which form a circle of fluttering butterflies.  The clubhouse is designed to house leisure, sporting, and retail spaces to serve both local long-term residential members as well as catering for short-term visitors.  The building also houses an above-ground car parking structure, while providing ample EV parking for the development, allowing Phase II to become the transport node, gateway, and platform for visitors to Hengqin.

A key objective of Novotown Phase II is to facilitate indoor-outdoor integration and synergy between the different uses, and successfully anchor the development as a global sports, leisure & entertainment destination.  The spaces between the different uses within the master plan are linked together by a series of undulating green corridors which allow the commercial anchors and activity spaces to flow into one another vertically as well as horizontally across the building.  These multi-level green corridors extend beyond the site to connect Phase I’s mall/hotel and Phase II’s cultural pavilions and offices, to an adjacent public park and any potential future phases.

The master plan is unified throughout by this clarity of movement and circulation flow, which is mirrored in the architectural form, landscape, and arrangement of the internal program, and helps facilitate commercialization opportunities within the shared hybrid spaces.

An interesting reimagining of the green corridor is in the form of a canal running through the North-South axis of the site.  Measuring 15m wide, this waterscape acts as a spine and is fully integrated with the whole development.  The spaces along the canal are utilized to enhance the public realm and to create a leisure promenade, with a dedicated cycling track, designed to promote a healthier lifestyle.

The all-weather elevated landscaped deck serves to gel the various buildings and components together. The cultural pavilions are connected on L2 and people can cross the canal to the office buildings via the same slow-walk system. This network, which is accessible 24/7, extends beyond the site to connect to Phase I’s mall and hotel, the public park to the west, and potential future Phase III to the north.

Real Madrid World, the automobile experience center, and the Novotown Clubhouse jointly form a synergy loop at the heart of the development, embracing the central iconic Piazza.  The towers’ form and visual appearances of the offices and cultural workshops also tie in with the existing Phase I’s towers to create a cohesive language and consistent dialogue between phases.  Surrounded by these architecturally stunning yet diverse pavilions and facilities, Novotown fosters a global identity while creating the necessary infrastructure for a thriving local community.

Given the geographic location and its resulting climate, at the elevated walkway and on all buildings, architectural canopies are strategically placed at the ground and first floor levels to provide shading and cooling. These inside-outside spaces can then be utilized for festivals, exhibitions, promotional events, and pop-ups.  Sustainable design principles are further integrated into the development through the use of biophilic design strategies such as green roofs, podium gardens,s and indoor green walls which seek to bring the surrounding nature into the building.

Novotown’s diverse offering is a catalyst to activate Hengqin Cultural District, catering to international and domestic visitors while creating the necessary infrastructure for a thriving local community, becoming the commercial and cultural heart of Hengqin.

Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN promotes the concept of “Metro Entertainment”. “Metro Entertainment” means placing the entertainment industry at the center of multiple formats, allowing people to easily meet various needs and enjoy different experiences. At the same time, it also advocates indoor multi-theme operation. The entertainment experience is no longer restricted by traditional hardware. Instead, it combines different technologies to change entertainment elements at any time.

When the five phases of the project are all completed, Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN will become an urban city radiating the metropolis of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, with entertainment as the main body, integrating work, entrepreneurship, living facilities, education, and health check-ups. It will be the Greater Bay Area. The domestic tourism industry and tourists bring a new experience of urban entertainment.

Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN is divided into five phases of development. It is committed to building a cultural and creative incubator for Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. It integrates the latest technological elements into entertainment and cultural content and is the first to realize the concept of high participation “Metro Entertainment”, integrating international brands and The multi-entertainment experience is integrated, implementing the concept of “urban entertainment”, and creating a highly engaging, personalized and story-based experience for guests of different ages and preferences. Whether it is a young person who likes to explore new things, a parent-child family who pursues entertaining and fun, or a multi-generation family focused on leisure, they can find their unique space and experience in Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN. Among them, the overall plan of the first phase of Chuangxinfang includes cultural theme venues, health check-up medical beauty center, cultural retail and catering, hotels, cultural studios, cultural headquarters building, and cultural creation room, with a construction area of ​​approximately 260,000 square meters.

The highlights of the first phase include Lionsgate Entertainment WorldTM, Asia’s first movie-themed indoor interactive experience center, established in cooperation with the famous American film production and entertainment company Lionsgate, covering an area of ​​22,000 square meters, through multimedia and virtual High-tech environments (VR) and augmented reality (AR) create an immersive environment, bringing the world’s most popular Hollywood movies: “The Hunger Games”, “Twilight”, “Divergent”, “Now You See Me” and “God War” “Eye of Power” and “Escape of the Golden Cicada” create immersive interactive experiences, bringing guests more than 35 unique experiences; the National Geographic Explorer Center, jointly created with the National Geographic Society of the United States, covers an area of ​​4,500 square meters. A unique interactive learning experience center that integrates natural phenomena, scientific theories, and various animal and plant knowledge through the latest technology, allowing “explorers” to travel through different natural scenes around the world and easily experience nature at close range. charm. These two key projects are expected to start operations in the first half of 2019. The second phase of the project has been implemented in cooperation with Real Madrid to build and operate an indoor interactive football experience center. Combining sports, entertainment, and high-tech elements, it drives different simulated football training experiences, allowing guests to be in the top football world and have a taste of becoming a professional football player. Guests can also record personal training files and create their own training highlights.

In addition to providing more and more abundant indoor entertainment experience, Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN also strives to create a closed-loop of entertainment experience and life-supporting facilities in the center of Hengqin, in order to improve supporting facilities and build a high-quality living circle in the Greater Bay Area. In the first phase of the project, the Xingjian high-end health examination medical beauty center jointly operated by Taiwan Xingjian Group, with the concept of “holistic health”, brings the popular “sightseeing medical travel” trend to Hengqin, bringing out a new “vacation concept” “The tourism health check-up and beauty services will provide professional, high-end, comfortable and pleasant health check-up services, medical beauty, health-preserving diet, and physical and mental courses. In addition, the project also has a variety of tourism and event supporting facilities such as the Hyatt Regency Hengqin Hotel, multi-functional event venues, and Shanghui wedding pavilions to meet the different needs of the market.

Wandering in NOVOTOWN’s 5,000-square-meter central garden, you can see another view.

The appearance of the three tall buildings of NOVOTOWN is shining with colorful rainbow lights, which are dazzling. The lights cut through the dark night sky of Hengqin, and also illuminate the hearts of families.

The night amusement project that combines outstanding Chinese culture with immersive light and shadow interactive experience technology-Fantasy Kung Fu Night is located in the central garden of NOVOTOWN.

More than ten projects including Qiqin Fantasyland, Bracelet Market, Kungfu Village, Sunshine Cooking House, Stone Story, The Shan-Shui Riverside, Qianzhongmen, Yunwu Valley, etc. have formed one after another with Chinese Kungfu and Chinese cuisine as the story axis. Adventure journey”.

The Shan-Shui Riverside adopts an LED outdoor floor screen, through the interactive system to achieve human-screen interaction, built-in optical sensors capture the movements of visitors, when visitors play on the screen, showing a different game on the LED floor screen.


On the other hand, in order to meet the educational needs of international talents, the second phase of the project will cooperate with Harrow International (China) Management Services Co., Ltd., and Reed International Holdings Co., Ltd. to plan the construction of Hengqin Harrow Reed School. Hengqin Harold School is China’s first integrated Chinese traditional curriculum and top international curriculum system, and also recruits Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign students. It aims to allow students to broaden their worldview in a multicultural environment and cultivate a future in the era of globalization. leader. To provide more kind and high-quality educational facilities for families developing in Hengqin.

With the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge of the Century Project, the one-hour living circle of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area surrounding the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone has been formally formed. Tourism industries in all parts of the region have also responded by rushing to layout the tourism industry in the Greater Bay Area and the bridge. As early as 2011, Hong Kong’s Lai Sun Group had decided to enter the Hengqin New Area of ​​Zhuhai, creating Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN, and introducing a brand-new format of “Metro Entertainment” into the development of cultural tourism in the Greater Bay Area.

Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN is located in the central area of ​​Hengqin, adjacent to Hengqin Port. After the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Hengqin will become the only area connected by the Hong Kong-Macao land bridge. It will be able to break through the restrictions of administrative divisions, with one center, and at the same time link the three major cities of Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai, forming a “metropolis” radiating the three places. “Circle”, a larger metropolitan area means a broader market. In fact, the Hengqin New Area is the only one of the three major free trade zones in Guangdong Province that is positioned as a tourism and leisure industry. At present, 10 million tourists visit the main attractions of Hengqin every year. With the continuous improvement of transportation infrastructure and the coordination of development projects, Hengqin has greater potential for the development of the cultural tourism industry. Lai Sun Group-Hengqin NOVOTOWN sees Hengqin’s opportunities in the tourism industry, positioning itself as a cultural, entertainment and tourism complex, introducing diversified experiences, attracting tourists to Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau for “one-way multi-stop” tourism, and extending their stay time.

LED outdoor floor screen

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