Mesh LED Display

The mesh LED display has the characteristics of the strip, hollow, light transmission, and product form that does not affect ventilation and lighting. It is usually used for building exterior walls and landmark buildings, etc. It is suitable for building super-large outdoor display screens and is the first choice for creating landmark dynamic display landscapes.

Mesh LED Display

LED outdoor mesh screen is a new type of advertising media screen display, which has the characteristics of being extremely light, minimalist, intelligent, bright, and transparent, realizes ultra-energy saving, easy installation, and has a wider range of commercial value applications, which will definitely promote more Massive commercial advertising market.

  • Simple and beautiful, the picture is bright and transparent.
  • Made of aluminum profiles, lightweight and ultra-thin. It reduces the load-bearing requirements of the building and makes the building look more concise and beautiful.
  • Front and rear installation and maintenance, free choice of front and rear installation and maintenance, more flexible and faster.
  • High protection level, all-around waterproof design, no fear of various harsh environments.

Light as a feather

The use of aluminum profile frame connection greatly reduces the load-bearing requirements of buildings and steel structures.

Thin as cicada wings

The thickness of the screen is only 70mm, which saves space and makes the building simple and beautiful.

Can be ventilated and light

The maximum permeability is 70%, with various designs of ventilation and light transmission, ventilation and light transmission

Energy saving and environmental protection, saving money and worry

Use air convection for heat dissipation, no need to increase heat dissipation equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, saving money and worry

Multiple colour

The color can be customized according to the installation environment so that the screen can be integrated with the building

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P series Specification

Product NameP10-13P15-15P15-31
Pixel ConfigurationDIP570DIP570DIP570
Pixel Pitch(mm)10.4×13.815.6×15.615.63×31.25
Pixel Matrix Per Panel144×1896×1696×8
Pixel density (px/㎡)691240962048
Module Dimensions(mm)1500x250x701500x250x701500x250x70
Transparency Rate17.20%45.00%70.00%
Panel MaterialAluminum profileAluminum profileAluminum profile
Cabinet Weight (kg)
Gray Scale per Color (level)≥163846553665536
Refresh Rate(Hz)192038403840
Driving Type1/2staticstatic
Brightness (nit)800080007000
Pixel view (horizontal/vertical)110/55°110/55°110/55°
AC Input Voltage(V)AC:100-240V±10%AC:100-240V±10%AC:100-240V±10%
Input Power Maximum/Average533,176506,168400,133
Working Temperature (℃)-40~50-40~50-40~50
IP Rating (Front/Back)IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65
Working Humidity (RH)10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cabinet Installation TypeFixFixFix

P PRO series Specification

Product NameP15-15 ProP15-31 ProP08-08 ProP10-10 Pro
Pixel ConfigurationDIP570DIP570DIP570DIP570
Pixel Pitch(mm)15.6×15.615.6×31.28.33×8.3310.4×10.4
Module Dimensions (LxWxH)/(mm)500x250x25500x250x25500x250x25500x250x25
Cabinet Dimensions (LxWxH)/(mm)1000x1000x851000x1000x851000x1000x851000x1000x85
Panel MaterialAluminum profileAluminum profileAluminum profileAluminum profile
Cabinet Weight (kg)2420.53028
Color Grayscale (Bit)14-1614-1614-1616
Transparency Rate40%66.70%\\
Refresh Rate(Hz)3840384038403840
Brightness (nit)8000800080008000
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle110/55°110/55°110/55°110/55°
AC Input Voltage(V)AC:200-240VAC:200-240VAC:200-240VAC:200-240V
AC Input Power Maximum Value410460430412
AC Input Power Typical Value137153129136
Working Temperature (℃)-40~50-40~50-40~50-40~50
IP rating (Front/Back)IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65
Storage Humidity (RH)10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Working Humidity (RH)10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
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