Outdoor LED Floor Display

The LED intelligent interactive floor screen developed by our company uses human-computer interaction technology so that the audience can participate in the display scene and achieve an immersive effect. After interacting with multiple devices through interactive technology, combined with high-end interactive materials, the experience can feel more interesting, enhance the sense of vision and experience, and make the virtual scene more realistic and vivid.

Through the integration of linkage interaction technology and linkage software, the LED intelligent interactive floor screen is no longer just a display device, but a hardware control device, enhancing the functions and application fields of the LED floor screen and linkage equipment! Enhance the product’s value and bring higher commercial value to customers!

Product Features

XYGLED intelligent interactive floor screen is a digital display device customized for indoor and outdoor exhibition halls and special background environments. It uses the most advanced optical sensing technology in China to sense human movements and accurately capture the changes of moving objects on the LED screen. 

Outdoor LED Floor Screen

Suitable For Outdoor Fixed Installation

  • The maximum load-bearing capacity is 3000kgs/sqm.
  • Protection level: IP68.
  • Private model customized modules and cabinets.
  • Screen heights can be customized.
  • PC housing, anti-slip, anti-glare, wear-resistant, UV resistance.
  • Front maintenance.
  • Cabinet material can be selected.
  • Lifespan over 100,000 hours.
  • Complete test reports and certificates.
  • Multi-equipment linkage,  better audiovisual effect.

Outdoor LED Floor Display Module Specification

Pixel pitchDensity(dot)Module size(mm)Module resolutionPanel size(mm)Brightness(cd/m²)Refresh rate
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