Outdoor Led floor screen installation method

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Outdoor Led floor screen installation

  1. The depth of the outdoor foundation pit should be between 50-80 cm, and a drainage port should be reserved, as shown in the figure
  2. Build a 30-65cm steel structure in the foundation pit (Note: 13-17 height must be reserved between the supporting surface of the steel stricture and the ground, and the distance between adjacent stell structures is 500mm/1000mm)
outdoor led floor screen
outdoor led floor screen

3. Put the floor support on the surface of the steel structure, as shown in the picture. (The distance between adjacent floor support is 500mm/1000mm).

4. The positioning hole at the bottom of the cabinet is connected with the positioning post on the surface of the floor support. Connect the positioning holes of the cabinet to the floor supports in turn. (The direction of the back of the cabinet must be same). Adjust the height of the floor support. Make the surface of the screen is level with the ground, as shown in the figure.

5. Connect the power line and signal line on the back of the cabinet to another cabinet in turn. (Note: the cabinet faces the same direction).

6. The cabinet and the cabinet are connected in turn according to the above content, as shown in the figure.


7. After installed the cabinet you can decide whether to install edging according to actual needs to enhance aesthetics.

8. Regular maintenance is required during the use of the floor screen to ensure the service life of the floor screen.

  1. The first, Placed the floor support according to the width as shown in the figure. The width is about 50cm. When installing the floor screen, the first floor supports position is very important, No matter the location and the height need to fully understand the on-site before installed. Only determine the position and height of the first-floor support. The subsequent installation can proceed smoothly.

2. The length is about 100cm, and the screen can be placed on the top of the floor support, The four-floor support can be placed into a size of about 50*100cm. The four-floor support does not need to be placed exactly in a standard size, just make sure the cabinet can be placed on top. Only need to ensure that the cabinet can be placed on it.

3. Put the cabinet next to the floor support. Pay attention to the direction of the arrow in the cabinet back. The next step, All following cabinets need to be placed in the same direction. Be sure to pay attention to the orientation of the screen, Arrange according to the shape set in the previous period.


4. There are positioning posts on the floor support, and the cabinet has positioning holes, Alignment the positioning holes of the cabinet with positioning posts of the floor support. As the picture shows, Our floor support can adjust the height and flatness of the Led floor screen, According to the hole position that design by us. The customer can use our floor support to test the installation first. Before installation, understand how to connect the positioning post with the positioning hole to ensure that the subsequent installation is convenient and quick.

5. As shown in the picture, This is when the positioning hole of the cabinet put in the positioning post.


6. Put the cabinet on the floor drag. Because the floor support is a reserved size, so the cabinet can`t be fixed to the floor support at present, Put the screen on the floor support as shown in the picture. The positioning post is not connected to the positioning hole at this pay attention to adjust the position of the first cabinet. Then adjust the floor support`s positioning post to connect with the positioning hole of the cabinet.


7. Adjust the floor support, and put on the positioning post in the positioning hole of the cabinet according to the fifth step. After fixing, it is necessary to confirm whether the height is consistent with expectations, and fine-adjust if there is deviation.

8. Fix the floor support at the four corners to the cabinet in turn. At this time the first screen has been installed. What needs attention is to determine whether the position of the screen is consistent with the design position of the drawing if not, you need to fine-adjust; secondly, you need to leave the power cable and network cable outside of the screen to convenience the connection with the next screen.

9. Place the power cable and network cables next to the screen.





10. Put the second cabinet next to the first cabinet in the same direction. Make sure the direction of this cabinet is the same as the front cabinet.


11. Connect the power cable (blue aviation plug) and network cable (white aviation plug) in order. when connecting the network cable and power cable, you need to carefully check the vacancy in the cable. Do not use hard force to plug it. After inserting the network cable and power cable, lock the aviation plug (according to clockwise twist it in the direction)


12. Place the cabinet as shown, fixing the floor support. Install the next screen in the above order.

  1. Waterproof measures for outdoor floor screens

Outdoor led floor screen must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof. The installation place must have good drainage measures to prevent water from entering the screen. Once the water accumulates, it can be drained smoothly; pay attention to wind and moisture. The floor tile screen is installed outdoors, often covered by sunlight, rain, wind, and dust, and the working environment is harsh. If the electronic equipment gets wet or severely damp, it is easy to cause a short circuit or even a fire, causing losses.

  1. Install ventilation equipment to cool down. Make the internal temperature of the screen between -10℃~50℃.

A fan or blower needs to be installed behind the screen body because the floor screen itself will generate a certain amount of heat when it is working. If the ambient temperature is too high, the heat dissipation will be poor. The integrated circuit may not work properly, making the display system unable to work properly.

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