Review: Info Comm China in Beijing-interactive floor screen

Review: Info Comm China in Beijing-interactive floor screen

On July 23, the InfoComm China 2021 International Audiovisual Exhibition with the theme of “Explore audiovisual and integrated experience solutions to help your business transform” ended in a perfect ending at the Beijing National Convention Center. As a professional supplier of global LED application products and solutions, Xinyiguang has always been adhering to the service concept of “Display Interactive Future”. In this exhibition, Xinyiguang will bring high-definition small-pitch floor screen, interactive stairs screens, etc. A variety of new products appeared at this exhibition.floor screen

This exhibition mainly products such as P2.97 small-pitch intelligent and P4.68 interactive stairs screen. Among them, the P4.68 interactive stairs screen is the main new product of Xinyiguang this exhibition. At present, there is only this model for the interactive stairs screen, and more models will be launched in the future.

The design of the P4.68 interactive stairs screen is based on ergonomics and research on commercial step stairs, household step stairs, and humanized R&D and design of the height of the steps. It is mainly used in large-scale prosperous shopping malls and high-end cultural and tourist steps stairs. High-end indoor clubs stairs and other occasions; and the P2.97 small-pitch intelligent interactive screen, due to its waterproof and moisture-proof, non-slip and wear-resistant, super load-bearing, silent heat dissipation, and super-sensitive human-computer interaction experience, is also very popular among people. favorite.

At present, Xinyiguang mainly focuses on product research and development, focusing on technology research and development, and will gradually focus on intelligent overall solutions in the later stage, continuously combining the actual needs of the market. In the future, Xinyiguang’s floor screen will not only satisfy people’s vision and interaction, but also become an interactive control host, controlling other product solutions, and selling them as an overall plan; in the field of layout product applications, Xinyiguang will continue to involve the government’s intelligent construction, smart exhibition halls, outdoor plaza attractions, immersive displays, museums, planning halls, science and technology museums, etc. to large-scale complex shopping malls.

As an early enter into the field of LED floor screens, Xinyiguang has accumulated rich technical experience in the field of LED floor screens after years of development. Looking to the future, Xinyiguang will develop more precise pitch LED floor screen products, and continuously improve user experience in terms of content and visual fidelity, so that LED floor screens are no longer just screens, but can also become a solution system.

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