Flight Information Display System

Flight Information Display System

LCD Module

Comparison of XYG-LCD module product characteristics and LED


If the LED is displayed in a fixed mode for a long time, the performance of the components constituting the lamp tube will deteriorate, and then bright spots will occur. In addition, the LED is displayed by continuous light emission, and the final lamp tube will not be recognized in the non-lighting state. In this case, because LEDs cannot be replaced in units of tubes, the entire assembly must be replaced. To compare with LEDs, the LCD components produced by our company use LCD as the light switch, use multiple LED tubes as the backlight source, and make individual LED tubes do not light up, and there will be no unrecognizable phenomenon. (Ordinary LED display uses point-to-point display, a group of led display failure will affect the display effect)

In addition, in terms of using the MTBF value of the failure cycle, the XYG-LCD average time between failures is increased by 3 times (comparison between full-color LED components) compared with general LED components that are laid with LED tubes on the entire surface. Has very high stability. For example, an LED display with 24*24 pixels needs to use 24*24=576 groups of RGB LED drive XYG-LCD uses backlight 16*8=128 groups RGB LED ratio 576: 128 = 4.5:1 and the comprehensive parameters are summed up: 3 times.

Product Features

Broad perspective

By developing FTN-bases liquid crystal based on wide viewing angle film, the color difference at various angles is reduced.

High contrast

Through the FTN LCD and high efficiency LED backlight development, to achieve high contrast.

Quick response

Using the most suitable liquid crystal panel materials, in order to achieve a rapid response to the display and make the scroll display is also possible.

Suitable for large display devices

Rely on our company’s own LCD manufacturing technology, can reduce the color difference between the modules, can be combined in multi-line, multi-stage equipment.

Easy to maintain

Specially designed backlight structure, making the backlight repair and other maintenance work easier.

Backlight remote dimming function

According to the external signal, you can adjust the color and brightness.

Field sequential scanning color display

Relying on the fast response of the liquid crystal panel, a multi-color display in the same area is realized. The color display is realized without using color filters, and the display aperture ratio of each display color is exactly the same, thereby improving the recognizability.

Comparison with traditional LCD

Traditional LCDs are completely different from the company’s LCD color rendering principles. They use white backlight to develop colors through the color filter light formed in the LCD panel. In addition, it is necessary to decompose each dot matrix into RGB, which will inevitably cause the display aperture ratio to change according to the color. This is also the reason for the low contrast and viewing angle range. In contrast, the LCD produced by our company adopts an achromatic filter method, and there is no color filter in the LCD panel. In terms of the light-emitting principle, the use of long-life, high-efficiency LED tubes, and our company’s unique surface-emitting backlight, control the color through the color rendering of RGB tubes.
LCD only serves as a shutter, and the display aperture ratio does not depend on the display color, so the product is excellent in display color, high contrast, and wide viewing angle range.

Using chip built-in backlight


The original backlight uses LEDs configured with three independent colors of RGB, but now the backlight uses LEDs that concentrate the three colors of RGB in one chip. By adopting this technology, we will see such effects:

1. Brightness enhancement and bright spot improvement (8C-LCD)

Compared with RGB three-color independent components, using the built-in backlight of the three-color RGB chip, the number of chips that constitute each color is significantly increased, the brightness is also improved, and the spacing between the chips is reduced, and the bright spot phenomenon is significantly improved.

2. Spot improvement

In the chip composed of three colors of RGB independently, the LEDs of the three colors of R, G, and B form a mixed color, and then color spots occur. But if RGB is mixed in each chip to emit light, this will eliminate color spots.


Display Device Design Reference Specifications

  •  Seismic specifications:1.2G, Seismic resistance:7
  •  Self-diagnosis function (memory, backlight, fan, etc.)
  • Replace the display function when the module is faulty
  • Intelligent temperature control function
  • To prevent CPU crash function
  • Anti lighting function
  • Anti-static function
  • To prevent instantaneous power failure
  • Eliminate AC power noise
  • Modular replacement, maintainability