Outdoor Led screen


Outdoor Led screen Solution

Outdoor LED screen or LED advertising billboards are extremely well designed uneven, reliable, and environmentally friendly products. They come in a comprehensive range and variety of sizes. LED screen display and LED advertising billboards also include features such as temperature display and clock.  They are manufactured from superior quality, the raw material that can really enhance the durability of products. Our LED screens can be clearly seen from hundreds of meters even during the day time and are so bright that even sunlight cannot overrule them.


Weather Proof

Outdoor Led series,execute strict module and cabinet aging text, salt text, waterproof protection level IP65/IP54, Designed for direct installation without other processing.

high contrast

High Brightness

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energy saving

Energy Saving

Outdoor screen series energy-saving screen,breaking through the technical limits of the industry, traditional DIP energy-saving can not achieve pixel pitch under P10 but XYG perfectly makes P8 and p6.6.


Long Life span

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All-in-One Parallax Effect

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How to choose a suitable Outdoor led screen base on your requirements?


Advertising your Brand or Company

LED screen signifies a brand new of a brand new stage of development in the area of outdoor advertising. A number of articles have already discussed the strengths of presenting information on LED monitors versus the static outdoor stands.

It is not worthwhile repeating, therefore, this overview and based on successful projects. The outdoor video wall can help you determine and develop your outdoor project and boost up sales. This is effective marketing and publicity.

High brightness and contrast ratio to make vivid color facing to the Sunlight.
Auto brightness saving energy besides protecting people’s eyes at night time. Just like the way we have empowered all of the outdoor products, S0 can be accessed either from front or rear, it facilities your maintenance and could maximally lower your spend on maintenance and installation.



Front and Back maintenance

E8S、E8P adopted front and back maintenance module, front maintenance uses custom tools to easily install and replace modules. Compared with the common back maintenance in the industry, the maintenance experience is greatly improved.

Powerbox adopted an integrated design. During the maintenance, the power box can be replaced directly, the clasp structure, let you replace speed multiplication, maintain conveniently.

Products Highlights

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Cabinets are designed with four-sided rabbet joints to assist LED display assembly, faster installation, and final screen perfection. The bottom of each cabinet is equipped with two tracks to protect the module from being damaged during manufacturing or installation.


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