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Product Features

Rental led display screen Solution

Rental LED  display screen is large or even gigantic. It stands to reason that the most convenient method to assemble them is to divide the screen into smaller cabinets. When these cabinets are combined, we get the full surface of the screen. These cabinets vary in size, building materials, and customization depending on the type of LED screen that you want to assemble. The screen surface is smooth and neat. color difference smaller and has good consistency.

easy repair

Easy to Install

high contrast

High brightness

super thin

Super Slim

Front maintenance

Front and Back maintenance

All-in-One Parallax Effect

Visual Composer lets you combine several images to create an advanced parallax effect. Experience the easiest parallax for WordPress ever made.

How to choose a Rental Led display screen?


Indoor Led screen Rental

Rental LED screen has a high refresh and bit rate. In fact, it has a high accuracy curving. It can be used in so many fields and occasions. For example events, sports, trade shows, entertainment, concert and etc. Rental Led Display screen cabinet is good for large and small Exhibitions. The cabinet is adopting the professional die casting design. Ultralight and ultra-slim. Adopt the latest anti-collision technology. Make a more stable cabinet during rental events. Fanless, Noise-free, Easy Repair, Front & rear maintenance. Seamless stitching with our special connector design. It is easy to reduce gaps while installing and creating a perfect display.


Outdoor Led screen rental

Solution for any events, ideal for conference, ceremony, party, or any events.

People are renting more often Indoor & Outdoor LED Screen Dubai for advertising purposes. LED screens are capable of reproducing high-resolution images and videos with brightness as compared to other devices. That’s why customers are more often rent LED screens for advertising purposes, as it is beneficial for the branding and also attracts visitors by the content which is popping on the screen. As the screens are lightweight which makes it easy for assembling and also transportation is easy from one place to another.

Products Highlights


XYG has a LED display with extremely high compatibility and the ability to switch under different environments. Light and slim cabinet architecture and quick installation design make it faster to assemble and disassemble. equipped with an infrared sensor connection system,

Signal mapping can automatically complete without manual tunning, making the installation even simpler and providing you with an upgraded user-friendly experience.

Front access
The Rental Cabinet is designed for full front maintenance and is workable for applications
where there is a strict requirement for installation space. This design is more
advantageous when it comes to wall-mounting and floor installations.

Power-sharing: When the LED display power supply fails, the system will automatically call the remaining display power supply for working to ensure the screen runs normally.
Signal redundant: When a signal fault is detected during the operation, it will actively switch to the alternate signal source to ensure that the display is not interrupted.

High Precision, Fast Installation, and Seamless Splicing
Fast lock design is adopted around the cabinet body. It only takes 10 seconds to connect a single cabinet. It ensures installation speed and connection accuracy. It is equipped with positioning pins to assist alignment to ensure the smoothness of large screen assembly.

Minimalist architecture and high Ingress Protection

Weighs only 6kg per cabinet, created by durable and corrosion resistant
materials, Rental series Ingress Protecting rating up to65 and be able to work
properly under different environments.

Rental Led display screen Applications




Retail Shop/Kiosk

Arabian sports


Al ain

Wedding Reception

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