The LED light show in Dongsheng District, Ordos City

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The LED light show in Dongsheng District, Ordos City

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At 20:38 on the evening of August 5, with tens of thousands of citizens shouting in unison, the lighting ceremony of the “Bright Dongsheng” urban beautification and lighting project was officially launched at the Ordos Bronze Cultural Square.

This “LED light show” covering the whole city lit up the whole city and also lit up the eyes and hot hearts of tens of thousands of citizens.

At the event site, eye-catching large-scale light shows were staged in turns on the building complex, and the electro-optical laser show made people feel like a fairyland. A visual gluttonous feast that is radiant, true and imaginary, extremely romantic and beautiful, was presented to tens of thousands of citizens.

At about 21 o’clock, following the crowds, reporters came to the Ordos Bronze Culture Square and suddenly felt one after another.

The LED light show in Dongsheng District, Ordos City
From a distance, the citizens gathered together, young and old, the entire Bronze Cultural Square and Tiexi Park were crowded and densely packed.

It is understood that in order to welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the 13th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in the Ordos, Dongsheng District began to further repair and improve the city’s original lighting project in April this year. And improve the level of lighting.

In addition to upgrading 72 parks and squares where the masses gather for leisure, including Bronze Culture Square, Tiexi Park, and Ordos Square, to add colorfulness to the citizens’ nightlife, the important roads and 4 entrances to the city were also brightened and “dressed up” “.

Up to now, Dongsheng District has basically completed the first phase of the people’s livelihood improvement project of urban construction beautification and lighting. During the implementation of the project, through the use of domestic advanced science and technology, the intelligent lighting transformation, with the bronze cultural square and surrounding buildings as the main background, to create an overall urban landscape lighting system that is suitable for light and dark and integrates dynamics and statics; Based on the principles of energy-saving, environmental protection and conservation, green energy-saving LED lamps are used to reduce costs. A total of 82 nodes, 157 buildings, 72 green parks, and 200,000 sets of LED equipment have been constructed, striving to maximize the benefits of the people and the city, so that Dongsheng, a city of quality, will completely radiate new vitality and vitality.

In addition to making Dongsheng more beautiful, the lighting renovation and upgrading project also added many interactive items for the masses to participate in, such as the interactive floor screen of the Bronze Culture Square, which was also transformed into a lift for mass entertainment performances. The stage adds infinite fun to the night’s leisure and entertainment of the citizens.

When the lights are on, citizens and tourists can stroll in the night, or ride a shared bicycle to see the gorgeous night view of the city or ascend to overlook the brightly lit Dongsheng City under the night and feel its picturesque Ambilight…


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