The Yellow River 3D glass bridge is terrifying

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The Yellow River 3D glass bridge is tens of thousands of times more terrifying than the glass plank road you have walked on! The Yellow River is at your feet!

3D glass bridge

Recently, there has been a big fire in the glass plank road series. I heard that many people who have been there had come back on their knees!

If you haven’t experienced it yet, the editor recommends a new trick-the Yellow River 3D Glass Bridge. They are not built on the mountain road but across the mother river-the Yellow River.

Walking on this bridge, you can fully experience the roar of the Yellow River at your feet, and you practice the feeling of “floating on the water” on the Yellow River~ This transparent bridge, located in the Shapotou Scenic Area of Zhongwei, Ningxia, was originally a suspension bridge. It is made of wooden planks, but now it has been replaced with tempered glass.

The entire bridge is 210 meters long and 2.6 meters wide. The vertical height between the bridge deck and the river surface is 10 meters. Walking on the transparent glass, there is the turbulent Yellow River at your feet. Thinking about the horror of jumping from the platform, it is inevitable that people will be horrified.

The bridge was constructed by Zhongwei Shapotou Sand Sliding Cableway Co., Ltd. and designed by Kunming Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute. Being held hostage by the mountains on both sides of the strait, the mainstream is basically stable, and there are no protective projects on both sides of the strait. The design flood frequency is 5/100, the design flood level is 1232.4m, and the navigation standard is level 5. The bridge site is located at the end of the Heishan Gorge gorge. The river valley is wide and the channel bundles are between the high mountains on both banks. The river is about 400m wide, with a decrease of 0.87% and a curvature rate of 1.8.

The construction of the bridge not only makes it convenient for tourists to travel on both sides of the Yellow River, but also increases the sight of tourists.

In fact, the load-bearing capacity of each piece of glass is 3 tons. As long as you are brave, you can be cool on the glass bridge at will.

And more importantly, this is still my country’s first 3D glass bridge. There is a 3D effect on the glass, the water flow leaps, and there is only a little place to stay, which is frightening. In this way, in addition to the experience of the glass bridge, a layer of visual game experience is added.

“Looking at you walking so carefully, it seems really real.”

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