Toll Collection LED Display

Variable Signs and Display Equipment for Toll Management Systems Information to riders to enter specific lanes, to stop and go indications, fare display to show the payment made at the toll station, full range of display equipment for toll collection application covers all types of Toll operations like free flow, close circuit toll collection systems.


The Variable Message Sign is a new product specially developed by XYGLED for the application of highway toll stations. It combines comprehensive functions such as information display, toll display, voice broadcast, and traffic prompts. It also has energy saving and environmental protection, high brightness, and penetration With the characteristics of strong capability and high protection level, it is a recommended product in line with sustainable development.

Toll Collection LED Display

In order to improve the traffic capacity and service level of expressway toll stations, provide customers with a convenient, fast and safe way to travel, relieve congestion at toll stations, and improve the economic and social benefits of expressways. XYGLED, according to the application principle of non-stop toll lanes on expressways, has developed and produced supporting equipment for non-stop (ETC) lane toll collection, which integrates ETC lane toll display screens and ETC lanes with red crosses and green arrows. Indicating signal-integrated equipment.

  • Adopt SMD process, long life, low light decay, low power consumption, good energy saving effect.
  • Brightness ≥4000nits, strong penetrating ability, still clearly visible on foggy days and long distances.
  • IP66 protection grade, strong environmental resistance, can resist various harsh environments.
  • With voice quotation, sound, and light alarm functions.
  • Pillar installation, after maintenance
    Support custom control protocol.

Super design

XYGLED Toll Collection LED Display adopts outdoor SMD1921 full-color light, which can display characters in three colors of red, yellow, and green, and the number of pixels is 192 rows x 96 columns (customer-customized) multiple display modes; full-screen display 12 rows x 4 columns, 96 characters (48 Chinese characters), the graphic and text format can be displayed arbitrarily, the font size can be adjusted, and the display mode can be scrolled up and down, left and right.

High assurance

XYGLED fee display can automatically or manually adjust the luminous intensity to prevent glare at night from affecting the driver’s vision, save electricity and protect the environment, and prevent premature decay of the device. The driver can clearly read the deduction amount, day or night.

High performance

It has its own sound and light alarm, the green arrow indicates passage, and the display of a red ” X” will give an alarm. There is an alarm horn in the chassis, and the sound of the alarm can reach 105DB, which can be heard or seen by the personnel within the toll plaza.

High Protection

The surface of the display screen adopts an imported PC mask, which can effectively prevent man-made damage, is resistant to UV without discoloration and deformation, and at the same time, it is dust-proof and easy to clean.

Toll Collection LED Display Specification

Pixel pitch



Display size



Module resolution



Pixel density



Pixel composition



LED model



Drive mode

Constant current, 1/16 scan

Constant current, 1/16 scan




Maximum power



Average power consumption



Beam angle

H:≥120° / V:≥120°

H:≥120° / V:≥120°

Color options

Single color, Dual-color,Full color

Visual recognition distance

Dynamic ≥210m (vehicle speed is 100km/h), static ≥250m

Display size

Standard sizes and customizable products

Display flatness


Display maintenance


Cabinet material

Aluminum or Iron

Cabinet color

Black Matte Treatment, Matte Black, Other Colors Available

Refresh rate


Operating temperature


Working humidity


Protection class

Front/Back: IP66

Overload protection

Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection

Corrosion resistance

D3, D4

Input voltage

110VAC or 220VAC / 380VAC (±10%), 12V/24V DC

Input frequency



Manual or automatic 64-level brightness adjustment

Control method


Communication method

RS232, RS485, Ethernet, 3G, 4G, GPRS


NTCIP, Profibus, TCP/IP, Modbus, XML-OPC

Leakage Protection

Earth leakage protection circuit breaker

Signal protection

Ethernet network port signal input protection


Temperature sensor, brightness sensor, humidity sensor, noise sensor, etc.

Lightning arrester

The software detects whether the working state is normal

LED life

>100,000 hours

Noise rate


Shipping inspection

Seismic Detection, Shock Detection


EN12966, CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC etc.

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