Traffic Guidance Display

Traffic guidance displays developed by XYGLED are widely used to optimize the strategic importance of vehicular or pedestrian flow to ensure a high level of service to users.
The information displayed on such logos may vary depending on the specific application environment.
• Display ETC, signs on the highway. Arrivals/departures of boats/buses/trains, along with time information and directions to piers/gates/platforms;
• Public or private car parks, the amount of available space can be read from a pre-existing central system or by means of coils, transponders, or other suitable sensor systems;
• General traffic information (planned traffic segments, alternative routes, etc.) managed directly by the traffic police department
The basic configuration consists of installing a central server and connecting to the sign via an Ethernet, fiber optic, or wireless network. The interaction takes place through a web server through which information can be sent and the operating conditions of the flags read.

Product Features

XYGLED Traffic Guidance Solution is dedicated to the stable display and status monitoring of traffic displays and is widely used for expressway message displays, city guidance displays, and parking guidance displays to easily meet the demanding requirements of traffic displays. Being secure, reliable, advanced, practical, and easy to expand, this solution can satisfy the needs of intelligent traffic informatization construction of the public security and traffic management departments.

  • No crash risk, ensure communication security.
  • Support any combination of four primary colors for display, with high brightness and strong penetration.
  • In exquisite structure design, each light-emitting pixel emits evenly, without mosaic phenomenon.
  • Each display module is equipped with an intelligent processing chip, which can operate independently, feedback faults autonomously, and is safe and reliable to use.
  • The intelligent control system supports real-time fault monitoring, and the monitoring center can keep abreast of the actual operation of the information board at any time to ensure road traffic safety.

Excellent heat dissipation performance, and enhanced product reliability.


Adopt non-traditional signal transmission technology to reduce failure rate and improve communication reliability.

Fully glue-filled modular structure, high protection level, more durable and reliable products.


Support manual and automatic schedule intelligent brightness adjustment.

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