Transparent Screen

LED transparent screen has broad market prospects. With its advantages of thinness, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability, it is suitable for applications in glass curtain walls, stage dance displays, outdoor advertising, and new retail. LED transparent screens will become a new blue ocean in future development.

Product Features

In the indoor environment of large buildings and commercial spaces such as airports, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, exhibition centers, hotel theaters, cities, and commercial complexes, the high-definition, colorful, and holographic visual effects of LED transparent screens can not only create a wonderful space atmosphere, and it is coordinated and integrated with the architectural and interior style, making the media affect more visually impactful, and has broad application prospects in large buildings and commercial spaces in cities at all levels.

  • Front and Rear IP65. Meet outdoor 40-60 Celcius various working environments.
  • Transparency rate: >60%. Let in the air without light, transparent, and diversified design. Use air convection to dissipate heat without air conditioning.
  • The aluminum frame at 18kg/m. Almost 60% lighter than traditional cabinets. Greatly reduces load-bearing requirements on buildings and steel structures.
  • The thickness of the screen is only 75mm, which saves space and makes a building simple and beautiful.

The transmittance of up to 65%-90, no shading, looks like nothing at a distance, and does not affect the beauty of the building


Die-cast aluminum cabinet, lightweight design.

Simple installation and easy maintenance.

郑州木色 (3)

Good heat dissipation performance and does not require an independent air conditioning system

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