What is an “LED intelligent interactive floor screen”?

“LED “: LED (light-emitting diode) is a kind of semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device. It uses solid semiconductor chips as light-emitting material (gallium carbide). When the positive voltage is applied at both ends, the carriers in the semiconductor will compound and cause photon emission to generate light. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple, white light and so on, the main function is to emit light. Through the control technology, the video display effect is achieved.

“Intelligent”: Intelligence is the sum of intelligence and ability, “intelligence” covers wisdom and ability. It is a new technology science to research and develops the theory, method, technology, and application system for simulating and extending human intelligence. The basic theory, method, and technology of simulating some intelligent behaviors of human beings with software and hardware of the computer. Simulating some thinking processes and intelligent behavior of humans is called intelligence.

“Interactive”: Interaction is a process of mutual connection and interaction. “Floor”: ground, load-bearing, anti-wear, waterproof and moisture-proof, called floor.

“Screen”: LED display screen. Our floor screen is the floor with LED display screen function, so it is called floor screen.


With the continuous development and innovation of LED display technology, as a display device, the technology of LED screens is relatively mature and stable. Regardless of the performance, service life, control technology, application fields, etc., they have reached a high level, but they are still flawed. These applications are only used as a single display, playing the role of advertising or signage. The audience can only passively accept the displayed information, and the effect is relatively single. The LED intelligent interactive floor screen developed by our company uses human-computer interaction technology so that the audience can participate in the display scene, so as to achieve an immersive effect. After interacting with multiple devices through interactive technology, combined with high-end interactive materials, the experience can feel more interesting, enhance the sense of vision and experience, and make the virtual scene more realistic and vivid. Through the integration of linkage interaction technology and linkage software, the LED intelligent interactive floor screen is no longer just a display device, but a hardware control device, enhancing the functions and application fields of the LED floor screen and linkage equipment! Enhance the value of the product itself and bring higher commercial value to customers!

XYGLED intelligent interactive floor screen is a digital display device customized for indoor and outdoor exhibition halls and special background environments. It uses the most advanced optical sensing technology in China to sense human movements and accurately capture the changes of moving objects on the LED screen. The stage renderings are based on the Puller effect, using the most advanced planar antenna technology on the market, making it also equipped with radar sensing technology, allowing users to have an immersive experience.


Each module area is separate data transmission. One is covered and the others will be used for data transmission to achieve interaction. The data of each unit is transmitted separately, and the occlusion of each signal source will not affect the display of the next area. Each module integrates a relative number of sensing points. When one sensing point fails, the remaining sensing points will continue to work.


Our cabinet materials are divided into three types: sheet metal iron cabinets, die-cast aluminum cabinets, and aluminum cabinets.

The thickness of the sheet metal cabinet is 60mm, the thickness of the module is 18mm, and the standard height is 160mm with the floor support. The adjustable height range of the whole screen is 150mm~170mm. If the height of the entire screen is 100mm, we will use a 40mm ultra-thin iron cabinet; if the height of the entire screen is 80mm, we will use an aluminum cabinet; if the height of the entire screen is 50mm, we will use an ultra-thin aluminum box with screws to achieve. Of course, the height of these entire screens is determined according to the depth of the foundation pit at the installation site when embedded installation is required. If you need to make a height of 300mm, we can also customize the height of the floor support, but this method is usually unstable. We recommend using a standard height with a steel structure to achieve it.

Product Features

1. Super load-bearing

Each component of XYG LED intelligent interactive floor screen is designed according to different mechanics, and the ultimate load-bearing capacity per square meter can be as high as 3000KGS.

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof

The bottom shell, PC housing, power cord, and signal line of Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor and module are all specially designed and equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof materials. The raw materials are made of materials with low moisture absorption coefficients and have been sealed many times. It has a good waterproof and moisture-proof function, and the front and back of the cabinet can reach the IP68 waterproof level.

3. Wear-resistant and flame-retardant

XYG LED intelligent interactive floor screen housing is made of imported PC material, which has high wear resistance and flexibility, and good high and low-temperature resistance. In order to enhance the applicability and safety of adapting to the harsh outdoor environment, Xinyiguang has enhanced UV resistance, low-temperature resistance, and higher flame retardant properties.

4. Silent heat dissipation

XYG LED intelligent interactive floor screen box power box adopts die-cast aluminum with better heat dissipation and a special heat dissipation device design, which has a better silent heat dissipation function.

5. Fast response

The interactive response speed is fast, with a response time of 10 microseconds.

6. Point-to-point interaction

Point-to-point, multi-point interaction, is not limited by the number of interactive points.

The function of the sensor on the interactive LED floor screen is to locate the coordinates. Firstly, we divide the smallest unit of LED floor screen into 8 or 16 pieces (the size of the smallest unit module: 250mm * 250mm), and each unit module is equally divided into 8 pieces of 125mm * 125mm or 16 pieces of 62.5mm * 62.5mm. One sensor is installed in 62.5mm * 62.5mm, and two sensors are installed in 125mm * 125mm. The sensing in the unit module adopts the crisscross induction mode, and the unit modules within the load range of each receiving control card are spliced and controlled. The receiving control card carries out coordinate positioning and LED display control for the sensing device on the controlled unit module. The interactive master controller can control the number of receiving control cards for coordinate positioning and LED display control. Through our control software for automatic connection calculation, the display control of LED and the coordinate positioning of each sensor is realized. The interactive system locates the objects on the surface of the screen by positioning the sensing device.

7. High polymer PC housing

The housing is made of imported high polymer PC material, with a low moisture absorption coefficient, anti-skid, and anti-glare design.

8. Built-in optical sensors

The built-in optical sensor chip does not require an external interactive sensor device and is not interfered with by external light or electric waves.

9. Single-point height-adjustable support

The installation floor support is made of high-strength anti-corrosion materials; single-point height-adjustable, no need to worry about the uneven screen and abnormal noise due to uneven ground; non-slip; and shock-absorbing design.

10. Intelligent software

The software supports the production and playback of multiple interactive materials in TUOI, Flash, and UDP point-to-point formats. The software supports the function of sensing objects with intelligent shielding.

Working Principle

How to achieve Human-Computer Interaction?

The LED floor screen senses the objects on the surface of the screen through a micro-optical sensor device at close range and transmits the information of the sensor device to the interactive main control computer. The interactive host calculates the positioning coordinates of the sensor device through calculation and processing. Send instruction information to the main control PC, and the main control PC will call the corresponding interactive material or interactive file according to the interactive main control’s instruction, and display the corresponding scene material. From control to installation, it is more convenient and fast, with fast response speed, high accuracy of sensor display, multi-scene application, and multi-device linkage, so it is called LED intelligent interactive floor screen. And the LED intelligent interactive floor screen allows the audience to participate in the displayed virtual scene. When the human body or object touches the surface of the LED floor screen, the LED floor screen will change the display content accordingly. The LED floor screen combines the intelligent interactive system and interactive materials to present the real scene in a virtual way, so as to achieve the effect of human-computer interaction.

How to achieve LED Wall and LED floor screen joint interaction?

The floor screen can not only realize the human-computer interaction on the ground but also realize the interactive interaction between the floor and the wall. Linkage is a combination of an intelligent interactive LED floor screen and interactive LED video wall. Its effect display and special effect display have reached the high-tech level in many fields. In particular, the wall and floor linkage display not only tests the splicing effect of the wall screen and floor screen but also tests the splicing technology of video images. The picture can be more immersive when the two are combined. The LED intelligent interactive floor screen and LED video wall of Shenzhen Xinyiguang adopt advanced induction interaction technology. The video wall and floor screen are connected through our linkage software, and the video wall and floor screen can interact and control in real time. The perspective effect is more vivid and the application field is wider. The function of the wall and floor screen is greatly improved. More commercial value has been realized.

LED floor screens, LED wall screens or LED sky screens, and other multi-screens play the same elements of the material. Through the central control linkage software, a variety of devices are linked to interact, making the virtual scene more real and more interesting. Under the control and dispatch of central control software, various auxiliary equipment start work in accordance with the requirements of each scene. With the scene action displayed in the LED interactive floor screen and LED wall screen or LED sky screen, the virtual scene displayed adds real scene elements.

Introduction to stereo imaging-Immersive

LED intelligent interactive floor screen and multi-led wall screen work at the same time. Through a splicer or video processor, an LED intelligent interactive floor screen and many different types of LED wall screens are assembled into a complete window. Different types of screens play the same video material with different spacing and different display resolutions, and the video will not produce fault and dislocation. Let the plane angle of view be changed into the three-dimensional view, and achieve the real three-dimensional effect through the video fusion technology.

Interaction Type and Working Principle

At present, the LED screen achieves the interaction between people and the screen by sensing capture technology to achieve interactive function. There are many kinds of sensor capture technology. LED is commonly used in several interactive ways: body feeling interaction, radar interaction, infrared frame interaction, intelligent interaction, and so on.

1. Body feeling interaction

It is to place a set of devices that can sense the human body at a certain distance from the experience. When the experiencer leans into the sensing range of the device, the sensing device will start the sensing function for interaction. The working principle is that the sensing device takes pictures by an infrared camera, calculates and locates the captured image to locate the coordinates of the experience, and then starts the corresponding interactive scene material to achieve human-computer interaction.

DISADVANTAGE: It is only applicable to the screen far away from the wall or the human body, and it is not waterproof and not suitable for outdoor use. Suitable for small area screens.

2. Radar interaction

A large and small area of the LED screen can be used, mainly for the same surface induction LED screen. The radar sensing device is installed on the edge of the LED screen. When an object touches the LED screen surface, the radar sensing device will start the interactive function. The working principle is to transmit radar waves. The radar waveforms a semicircle shape adheres to the surface of the LED screen and shoots to the other side of the LED. The induction area is the semicircle area of radius according to the transmitting distance of the radar wave. When the radar wave is blocked by an object, the radar device starts the interactive device. After positioning the coordinates of the object through the coordinates of the radio wave, the corresponding interactive scene material is activated to achieve human-computer interaction.

DISADVANTAGE: it can only sense the first layer of objects. When there are multiple layers of objects, the objects behind them can not be sensed. The positioning area is large and inaccurate. The requirements of installation sites are high, many sites can not be applied. Moreover, it is difficult to splice radar in large-area displays, there are many external lines, and the power supply of external power supply is prone to failure.

3. Infrared frame interaction

Mainly for the small area led or LCD screens. The infrared frame device is installed on the edge of the LED screen. When an object touches the surface of an LED screen, the infrared frameworks start the interactive function. The working principle is that infrared light is transmitted by infrared light, and the infrared device at the transmitting end passes the infrared light on the surface of the LED screen to the infrared receiving end of the opposite side and sets a group of infrared devices according to a certain distance. When an object blocks the infrared light, the infrared device starts the interactive device to locate the coordinates of the object by blocking the infrared light.

DISADVANTAGE: Only suitable for indoor small area screen, not for large area screen. It is not waterproof and moisture-proof and easy to be damaged.

4. Intelligent interaction – Built-in sensors

Our intelligent interaction adopts the most advanced micro-sensing technology (optical sensing) in the world. The micro sensing device is placed on the module light board of the LED floor screen, and the interactive function is activated when an object contacts the surface of the LED floor screen. The working principle is that the sensing device emits special light waves from the inner lamp board of the LED floor tile panel module to the screen surface. When an object contacts the surface of the screen and blocks the light wave emitted by the sensing device, the interactive software locates the object coordinates through the coordinates of the sensing device.

ADVANTAGE: Our intelligent sensing, also known as optical sensing, uses special optical principles to sense and locate objects without the influence of light. Using the world’s most advanced microsensor and SMT technology, combined with our innovative circuit design, the sensor is built into the module. It has better moisture resistance, better stability, and easy protection. Our module adopts special protection processing, internal control signal wiring, video signal, and sensing control signal that goes through the same control line, without multiple groups of wiring, and no external power supply. So it can be used indoors and outdoors. The sensing method is from bottom to top, evenly and reasonably distributed sensing, with high sensing accuracy and fast response speed. In video signal control and fusion, multi-element infinite splicing can be realized, and multi-point simultaneous interaction can be realized without the restriction of interaction points. Without external sensor equipment and external control signal circuits, the appearance is neat and beautiful. It can be applied to all kinds of special sites which are not on the same sensing surface or are covered by objects or have no sensing equipment installed.

What are the advantages of the Xinyiguang LED floor screen?

1. Advantages of built-in intelligent sensing device:

Our company adopts a highly integrated design, integrates the induction device into each unit module, with a beautiful appearance, high induction precision, fast response speed (response speed: 50 microseconds), and has no strict requirements for the installation environment. The same signal line of interaction and screen body is used to control, and no additional signal line and power line are arranged. There is no need to install an induction device and special installation space around the screen body, which greatly improves the on-site beauty and installation convenience.

2. Advantages of uniform size design for cabinet and module:

Our finished product box is designed with width 500mm * height 1000mm or width 500mm * height 500mm, module adopts 250mm * 250mm uniform size, and module installation hole position is unified design. It is very convenient to install and connect the screen with other LED screens, which is suitable for most of the reserved sizes on the construction site and is also convenient for the upgrading, exchange, and maintenance of products in the future.

3. Advantages of ultra-high-strength wear-resistant and anti-skid design:

Our interactive floor screen housing is made of imported PC material, which has high wear resistance, flexibility, and good resistance to high and low temperatures. According to the optical principle, through color deployment and brightness enhancement material, our housing has better anti-glare and anti-color deviation functions, which can enhance the softness and visual effect of human eyes, and reduce the loss of brightness. According to the principle of mechanics, our housing has better anti-skid and load-bearing functions. In order to enhance the applicability and safety of the outdoor harsh environments, we enhance the UV resistance, low-temperature resistance, and high flame retardant properties.

4. Advantages of super convenient installation and maintenance design:

Our company adopts ground bracket installation and front maintenance functions. Our ground bracket is made of high-strength and anti-corrosion material, and the height of a single point can be adjusted. The requirements for the ground of the installation site are not high, and it can be installed without professional installation personnel. It can save installation time greatly and can be used in various fixed installations and leasing. The maintenance can be carried out from a single box on the surface of the screen, which is convenient for maintenance and saves maintenance time. Fast maintenance meets some special use environments. For example, in leasing, or major activities, when the receiving card or power supply fails, it is necessary to timely and quickly remove the fault before the maintenance can be satisfied.

5. Advantages of silent heat dissipation structure:

Our company’s indoor cabinet power box back cover is made of aluminum plate with good heat dissipation, which plays a good role in sealing and heat dissipation. Instead of the conventional axial-flow fan heat dissipation, achieve the silent cooling effect.

6. Advantages of high standard waterproof and moisture-proof design:

The bottom shell, mask, power line and signal line of our module are all made of special waterproof and moisture-proof materials and special design. They are made of raw materials with a low moisture absorption coefficient. After sealing many times, they have good waterproof and moisture-proof functions. The front and back of the cabinet can reach IP68 waterproof level.

7. Advantages of super load-bearing design:

According to different mechanical designs, the ultimate bearing capacity of our floor screen can reach 3 tons per square meter.

8. Advantages of multiple display devices that can interact with each other:

Through the linkage interaction technology independently developed by our company, our floor tile screen can realize linkage interaction with splicing screen and various types of the LED display screen, so as to achieve the function of wall ground linkage.

What benefits can interactive functions bring?

With the interactive function, the LED floor screen is not only a display device but also can realize human-computer interaction, which expands the application field of the LED floor tile screen. After adding the interactive function, our floor screen is a multi-functional device. We can regard it as a mouse, a keyboard, and a display with a touch function. Combined with interactive materials, it makes the display more interesting, increases the experience of the experience, and increases the feeling of being on the scene. With these functions, we can combine advanced display technology, multi-industry equipment, and multi-mode high-end games in the market. Using the advantages of interactive technology, we can achieve multi-dimensional stereo imaging, that is, real 3D naked eye technology or VR so that the virtual scene becomes more vivid and real.

Interactive materials

The definition of interaction is that the two subjects have mutual dependence and can establish mutual information. Material mainly refers to video material or game material. The material is that we take pictures of routine affairs or make them in animation mode. After that, we use professional software to deal with it as the bottom scene of interaction and add interactive elements to it. The definition of interactive material is that it must be made in accordance with a certain protocol and format. It can establish the communication information with the master PC through the corresponding software control, and the interactive display can be achieved through the command of the master PC.

Installation Methods

Installation structure

According to the installation structure, it can be divided into floor support installation and guide rail installation.

The advantage of the floor support installation is that the height can be adjusted at a single point, and the ground is not completely flat and can be leveled by adjusting a single-foot cup, the disadvantage is that the height of the floor support should be adjusted during the installation process. (Among the thousands of projects we have completed so far, 99% of them use floor-mounted installation methods.)

The advantage of guide rail installation is that it is simple and quick, but it requires a high level of ground flatness. If the ground is not completely level, abnormal noise, collision sound, and uneven surface of the screen may occur after installation with the guide rail.

Manifestation after installation

According to the manifestation after installation, it can be divided into flat installation and embedded installation. The flat installation method is simple, and the screen is directly laid on the ground. Embedded installation is usually to keep the screen surface level with the ground. This installation method requires digging a foundation pit. The depth of the foundation pit determines the height of the entire screen.

1. Flat installation

Flat installation is used indoors. And install Xinyiguang customized fan under the screen. The fan is used to promote air circulation, one side is the air inlet and the other is the air outlet, to promote dehumidification and heat dissipation, so as not to produce water vapor to damage the components.

2. Embedded installation

It is suitable for embedded installation indoors and outdoors.

Indoor embedded installation requires digging a foundation pit with a depth of 165mm. Although the height of the screen is 160mm, because the fan needs to be installed under the screen, the depth must be maintained at 165mm. And reserve the wire slot in advance and arrange the wire. Keep flatness and apply moisture-proof paint. If the indoor embedded installation cannot achieve a pit depth of 165mm, we need to inform us in advance of the maximum pit depth that can be achieved(Please refer to the above”Cabinet”), and then customize the plan according to the site conditions.

Outdoor embedded installation needs to dig a foundation pit with a depth of 500~800mm. It is necessary to reserve wire pipes in advance and route the wires into the foundation pit; reserve air inlets and outlets; reserve drains.  If the outdoor embedded installation cannot achieve the depth of the foundation pit of 500~800mm, we need to inform in advance of the maximum depth of the foundation pit that can be achieved, and then customize the plan according to the site conditions.

Why cool the LED floor screen and how to do it?

1.1. Because any electronic product will produce a certain amount of heat when it is working. If the product is not cooled down and used in a closed environment, the temperature will be higher and higher. Running at a high temperature will accelerate the aging of the product and reduce its service life of the product. Therefore, using cooling to make the product run in a safe temperature environment can greatly increase the safe service life of the product!

1.2. Floor screen should be used on the ground, under the screen is in a relatively closed environment, easy to accumulate moisture. If the moisture is not removed in time, the moisture will permeate into the product after a long time. Once the moisture permeates into the product, it will seriously damage the electronic components of the product, resulting in product damage.

2.1. Air conditioning cooling method: air conditioning is installed under the LED floor screen or the air duct is used to send the cold air to the bottom of the screen, and then the hot air is pumped out to cool and dehumidify the product.

2.2. Air convection method: install an air flow fan under the LED floor screen or use an air duct to send natural air to the screen, and then extract the hot air to form air convection under the screen to cool and dehumidify the product.

How to maintain an LED floor screen?

Plug in our customized vacuum maintenance tool, and use two maintenance tools for the 500*1000mm cabinet at the same time, and one can be used for a 500*500mm cabinet. Lift two maintenance tools at the same time, and lift the cabinet out. 


1)Exhibition: Museum, municipal planning hall, science, and Technology Museum, exhibition hall, exhibition, etc.

2)Catering industry: hotel ballroom or passageway and lobby, restaurant’s ordering area or important passageway, etc.

3)Entertainment industry: bar counter, main channel, private room floor, etc.

4)Leasing industry: main stage of large-scale commercial performance, major events, wedding and birthday celebrations, media, etc.

5)Education industry: school laboratory, pre-job training, kindergarten, preschool training, special education, etc.

6)Scenic spots: Glass skywalk, reception center, recreation center, viewing platform, etc.

7)Municipal projects: Garden Road, square, etc. Monitoring center: command room, control room, etc.

8)Real estate center: Sales Center, prototype room, etc.

9)Financial center: Stock Exchange Center, headquarters of the bank, etc.

10)Commercial complex: Main passageway of the shopping mall, central square, courtyard, cross the street bridge, children’s playground, etc.