Xinyiguang LED floor screen settled in Nanchang’s tallest building

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Xinyiguang LED floor screen settled in Nanchang’s tallest building

Nanchang is a national historical and cultural city with a history of two thousand years of construction. It is also a famous revolutionary hero city and is known as the place where the military flag is raised. Recently, Jiangxi’s top ten new landmarks Greenland double-floor building has become the tallest building in Nanchang. The landscape lighting of the 303-meter twin building has won the “world’s largest LED lighting curtain wall” and became the world’s Gillis record. However, Shenzhen Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd. The company once again brought the first domestic interactive LED display to this special honored building. Since then, Xinyiguang has written the honorary title of the first high-definition interactive LED floor screen in China. This is the first domestic high-definition interactive LED floor screen. Xinyiguang has written brilliant miracles with dedication, professionalism, and service.LED floor screen

Shenzhen Xinyiguang LED floor screen directly plays a specified video like a conventional indoor floor screen, but Xinyiguang LED a floor is a person walking up the scene in the video. The scene in the video will be driven by human body induction, and now it is calm in real life. On the surface of the water, when people walk on, there will be circles of rippling water ripples,

And our interactive LED floor screen is just for the virtual world to appear in front of everyone more realistically so that everyone is standing on an even more incredible picture. The interactive LED floor screen is installed in the sightseeing area. In order to make the interactive floor screen better display its unique functions and ensure the safety of tourists, Shenzhen Xinyiguang spends a lot of money on this LED interactive floor screen. The above separately developed a PC housing with strong light transmission performance, non-slip, scratch-resistant surface, and a load-bearing capacity of more than 2 tons to protect the LED luminous lamp beads from being stepped on, and this screen mask can display light transmission performance. Play a protective role and can not affect the LED display effect.

Shenzhen Xinyiguang LED interactive floor screen is installed on the 59th floor of the Twin Tower. The product model is P8.928 interactive floor screen with an area of 71/m2. The cabinet is 500mm*500mm. Standing on the 59th floor, you can overlook the entire Red Beach Valley. Feel the panoramic view of the beautiful scenery.

This interactive LED floor screen can be said to be the highest in the country, breaking the traditional LED display screen application, and facing the high-end, differentiated, personalized, and market-integrated application of LED display screens. A new look is revealed. Xinyiguang is such a company that does not compete with peer market prices and insists on making products with quality, high-end, creative, customized, dedicated, and professional services.

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