What’s the difference between XYG led floor screen and others?

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Shenzhen Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd. Has been focusing on the research and development and production of LED floor screen. We have summed up a lot of experience through years of accumulation and practice. The design and development of products are unique. Let’s talk about the difference between the floor screen of Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd., and others in the market.

indoor led screen
led floor screen

The floor screen is composed of the cabinet, module and the Wires

Regarding the module, in order to achieve a load-bearing effect, we added 71 load-bearing posts on PC housing. The PCB light board is designed with corresponding small holes. The load-bearing posts pass through the small holes on the PCB light board and directly connect with the bottom shell.

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It is firmly fixed and seamlessly connected so that the light board will be overhead in the middle, so as to achieve a suspended effect, which protects our lamp beads to a large extent. In this way, when people or objects are on the floor screen, they will not directly touch the PCB light board, so our company’s modules are all customized by private models.

Most of the floor screens on the market add a layer of acrylic board to the surface of the module, and the light board is not suspended. The acrylic board and the light board are in direct contact so that people or objects contact the floor screen for a long time, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the lamp beads. Moreover, a layer of the acrylic board is laid on the floor screen. Although the surface is smooth, it cannot play the role of wear-resistant and anti-skid, and the safety factor is relatively not very high.

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interactive floor screen

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The LED floor screen

The module material of Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd. is specially designed for floor screens. The PC housing is made of PC material imported from Germany, which has high-strength stability, non-slip wear-resistant, good flexibility, and high safety factor.

The PC housing of other companies are made of existing materials and are not suitable for use on floor tiles. Some companies do not even have a mask on the light board for protection, and directly add a layer of acrylic glass, so that the damage to the light beads will greatly increase.

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Others in the market

dance floor

Our company

interactive dance floor

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Radar interactive:

Advantages: Radar is a mature product. Currently, most solutions are used in the market, and the price is cheap.

Disadvantages: The interactive coordinate positioning has a large deviation, and the response speed is relatively slow. The radar has certain conditions during the installation process. It must be installed in a place with extra space to put external signal lines and power supply circuits, which will bring an impact on the aesthetics of the installation site. The signal lines and power supply circuits are installed in a place that can not be touched by personnel and too far from the screen. That leads the power supply circuits to get easy to be damaged and radar may be inaccurate or unusable due to touch displacement. To make the matter worse, if there are crowd people, the block will make the radar lose its normal sensing function. It is difficult used for shaped floor screens and cost is high. Can not be linked with other devices, the use function is single.


Intelligent interactive:


Shenzhen Xinyiguang Interactive Solution integrates the interactive technology inside the LED floor screen module, each module has multiple sensing points, fast response speed, and high sensing accuracy. Easy installation and cost-saving. As long as an object touches the surface of the module, it will have an interactive effect, regardless of the number of objects and environmental factors. There is no need to install extra sensing devices,  which is perfect. Convenient and easy to install. This greatly enlarges the application range. Moreover, it can greatly interact with other devices or perform secondary development, which greatly improves the use field and functions to achieve greater commercial value.

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