XYG LED floor screen in the world’s largest store opened by SAIC Audi

XYG LED floor screen is installed in the world’s largest store opened by SAIC Audi in Shanghai.

SAIC Audi opens the world’s largest Audi store in Shanghai
Automobile future: Visitors to the HoP in Shanghai were also able to experience the Audi skysphere concept car.

XYG LED floor screen is installed in the world's largest store opened by SAIC Audi in Shanghai.

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With the House of Progress (HoP) in Shanghai, SAIC Audi launched the world’s largest store of its kind on January 1, 2022, with two floors and a total area of 2,400 square meters (25,833 square feet).

The Chinese partner company presented the whole A7 L range as part of the dedication: Visitors could test drive the new Audi A7 L 45 TFSI and the concept cars Audi sky sphere concept and Audi grand sphere concept, as well as the Audi A7 L 55 TFSI, which will be available in January.

The House of Progress is the new SAIC Audi flagship store located at the SAIC Group’s headquarters in Shanghai. It is also Audi’s first HoP in China. It provides a unique customer experience: new goods may be studied on the first level, and numerous technology exhibitions provide a fascinating brand experience.

Customers can gather in private spaces and relax in a lounge on the second floor. There is also a parent-child area and a coffee bar and customer lounges.

Our LED floor display is installed on the ground floor to showcase limited-edition models.

The size of the LED floor screen of the project is 4500mm wide, 12000m high, with a total area of 54 square meters and 108 sheet metal iron cabinets.

After the installation of the LED floor screen is completed, the overall height is 150mm.


The edge of the LED floor screen is made of 1.2mm thick matte black stainless steel. And punch holes on the edge of the package, and place the exhaust fan at the punched position to promote air circulation under the screen and take away moisture to prevent damage to components.

Two sides of the LED floor screen are walls, and the other two sides are surrounded by 12mm thick single-layer ultra-white tempered glass. The glass size is the width of 1499.4mm; a height of 500mm. After the glass is installed, the total height is 575mm. The first glass is designed to be open to allow guests to enter and exit.

The glass is removable and secured with custom glass clips.

Custom removable stainless steel ramps for driving up and down.

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Concept-wise, a unique combination resembles an art gallery and a technological center, and it is meant to express Audi’s philosophy: emotional aesthetics combined with technology that puts people first.

Customers can learn about Audi’s history and technologies during the display. They can also learn about the culture of Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China’s largest city. The environment of the HoP is equally distinguished by art and high-tech.

Apart from the experience itself, the HoP represents effective customer service and is symbolic of SAIC Audi’s quality and client proximity throughout the customer’s lifetime. The app, which has been available since April 2021, is an important component.

Customers can utilize it to communicate with SAIC Audi quickly and easily. “The HoP is becoming an elite club in the city for our followers,” stated SAIC Audi Sales & Marketing President Thorsten Godulla. Audi is utilizing it to underscore its customer service goals: an Audi should enrich people’s daily lives, give them a sense of belonging, and provide an experience that exceeds their expectations from beginning to end.

Also, SAIC Audi delivered 10 clients from China the new Audi A7 L 55 TFSI at the opening. Each model was created individually for them, based on their personal preferences. Following that, SAIC Audi delivered more vehicles to Chinese consumers. The Audi Butler is always present throughout the service process to offer the best possible client experience.

According to the SAIC Audi Sales & Marketing President Dr. Jia Mingdi, a new era of vehicle mobility has only just begun. The new Audi A7 L 45 TFSI is also available right now in China. The 180 kW (245 PS) entry-level model has 5G communication as standard equipment and is configured with V2X functionalities for networked mobility.

The vehicle also has HD Matrix 2.0 LED headlights and dynamic blinkers, cruise control (Cruise Control System, CCS), The Audi Virtual Cockpit, and Audi Virtual Cockpit. Audi lane assist and Audi pre sense basic provide intelligent assistance to drivers.

“All of the vehicles feature high quality and the Audi brand’s sporty DNA,” added him.





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