China’s LED display industry is developing rapidly

China’s LED display industry is developing rapidly, and the scope of application is constantly expanding

The technical foundation and level of my country’s LED display industry are quite advanced, and the main products and key technologies can be roughly consistent with the advanced level of the international industry. The continuous improvement of LED device technology and performance and the rapid development of electronic technology has brought a good foundation for the technical deepening and improvement of LED display products. At the same time, LED display has been widely used in various fields of social life, and the development of the semiconductor lighting industry has brought good opportunities to the LED display industry. Therefore, the development prospect of the LED display market is optimistic.

The LED industry chain mainly includes raw materials, equipment, upstream chip manufacturing, midstream LED packaging, and downstream LED applications. The downstream LED applications are mainly divided into LED lighting, LED display, and LED backlight applications. LED application is an important link in the entire industry chain that can bring higher added value.

At present, the largest market in LED downstream applications is the lighting field, followed by backlight applications and displays. The display application scale still maintains a relatively stable and rapid growth trend, especially with the maturity of small-pitch LED display technology, the application of LED display will gradually move from outdoor large-scale display applications to indoor applications, and the application field will be significantly expanded. It is expected that in the future In the next few years, it will maintain a very high growth rate so that the proportion of LED displays in the entire downstream application industry chain will gradually increase.

China’s LED display applications to continue to expand

Under the background of new technologies such as small-pitch LED and the high prosperity of downstream industries such as culture, media, and sports, it is expected that the LED display industry will maintain a stable growth of 20%-30% in the future.

At present, the large-screen splicing market such as DLP (Digital Light Processing) is mainly used in military command, traffic monitoring, studio, and other fields. With the development of smart cities, it will further enter the security, commercial display, and other markets, so the industry will still maintain rapid growth, since 2010, the compound growth rate of my country’s large-screen splicing market has reached more than 20%, and it is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 15% in the next three years.

Such customers have high requirements for product display effects and are not sensitive to price. Small-pitch LEDs have quickly replaced DLP and other splicing screen markets with their excellent display effects.

With the further decline in the price of small-pitch LED displays in the future, the application field will be further expanded, and will fully enter commercial applications such as media, advertising, and cinema in the future. The revenue scale and growth rate are both high, indicating that with the decline in product costs, customers with high price sensitivity have gradually begun to accept small-pitch LED products. In the future, the market space in the commercial field is extremely broad.

At present, LED small-pitch TV applications have not yet entered the civilian market, but with the further reduction of costs and the mass production of smaller pixel-pitch products, it is expected to enter the civilian TV field. For ordinary household TVs under 70 inches, because LCD display effect and cost are dominant, it is unlikely that small-pitch LEDs will replace LCD in this field in a short time. However, above 70 inches, especially after reaching 110 inches, the cost will increase exponentially due to the limitation of the LCD manufacturing process. Therefore, it is basically difficult to see LCD TVs larger than 110 inches.

In the development of my country’s LED display industry in recent years, with the merger and integration between enterprises, the scale effect continues to emerge, and the industry pattern has been basically clear. The application has also developed more maturely, and the products are gradually becoming more homogeneous. Therefore, LED display companies have begun to seek new profit growth points, and continue to innovate by improving the level of research and development to enter new application places and open new blue ocean markets. With the gradual improvement of display technology, the gradual reduction of costs, and the continuous iterative upgrade of products, especially the introduction of small-pitch products, LED displays have gradually entered many new market applications.

At present, LED full-color displays are mainly used in advertising media, stadiums, stage backgrounds, municipal engineering, etc., and small-pitch LED displays are still developing in more markets such as transportation, broadcasting, and the military.