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LED Display Screen

Four Points Before Buy LED Video Display?

Today, led video display has become a beautiful landscape in the city, but at the same time, the responsible staff should also do to prevent its occurrence of water leakage, leakage, explosion and other phenomena; in order to put an end to these undesirable phenomena, choose led screen must pay attention to the four points as following before buy LED video display.

What Is a LED Floor Screen?

when it comes to trusting an interactive LED Floor Screen, is it the same as an advertising LED screen? Now I’m sure you have all these questions and much more on the exact difference between both these LED screens. That is why; I’m here to help you out here. So let’s go ahead and discover everything below in detail.

Why do We Need To Do 48-72 Hours LED Display Module Testing?

LED Display Module testing refers to imitating the long time operation without working problems, it is the most important to ensure the reliability of the LED display. LED display can be more stable after testing, and it can help the use efficiency. led screen testing test is a very important link in quality control.

Daily Maintenance and Troubleshooting of LED Display Screen

LED display has gradually become a mainstream product in the market. It can be seen everywhere in outdoor buildings, stages, stations, and other places, but it will inevitably malfunction in the use process, then how to achieve the correct maintenance and troubleshooting LED screens?

How to Maintain The LED Display after being powered off for a long time?

It has been very hard years since 2019, because of COVID-19. Many LED displays may stay in the warehouses or stay off outdoor for a long time because of the lock-down. Many of our clients already know how to maintain the led display screen, but we still would like to remind you of this important issue.

Ultimate Guide for Rental LED Display

The LED rental display can be a great option for you to impact your customers and audiences with comparatively low cost and high efficiency, improving your profits and brand image. However, you may not know exactly what the functions and features of LED rental displays are and don’t know when they will be your best choice.

How to quickly and efficiently plot the display?

The cleaning of the LED display screen is one of the most important routines for maintaining. Any wrong method of cleaning may cause damage and slight discolorations to the LED display module, so cleaning your screens in the right manner is necessary. We provide some simple and clear steps you can follow, let’s have a look.

A few small knowledge about LED display

The LED display is actually composed of countless small unit boards; the unit modules also have specifications and sizes; the sizes of different models are also different; the LED display is composed of RGB red, green, and blue light-emitting diodes.

LED Display

The LED display is a kind of flat panel display, which consists of small LED module panels, which are used to display various information such as text, images, videos, etc.

LED outdoor display

Display function: the outdoor screen uses multimedia and synchronous control technology, its display and playback can be completely consistent with the content on the control computer screen, the image color, scaling ratio and display size on the LED display screen, but also can be adjusted at will on the computer by the mouse.

How to Choose LED Lamp Beads with Good Quality?

For the LED screen industry, one of the most important things is the quality of LED lamp beads. Each square meter of LED display module can lay down thousands to tens of thousands of LED lamp beads so it is the main component that contributes to the display performance of the whole screen, influencing the impression of audiences directly.

What is an "LED intelligent interactive floor screen"?

telligent interactive floor screen developed by our company uses human-computer interaction technology so that the audience can participate in the display scene, so as to achieve an immersive effect. After interacting with multiple devices through interactive technology, combined with high-end interactive materials, the experience can feel more interesting, enhance the sense of vision and experience, and make the virtual scene more realistic and vivid.

What are the differences between LED floor screens and traditional LED displays?

LED floor screen is a novel digital display device customized for the use environment of indoor exhibition halls, stage parties, etc. Flexible modular design can realize various applications such as the floor, ceiling, T-stage, etc.

How to choose the LED floor screen?

The indispensable LED floor screen is widely used in people’s lives, which has led to an increase in market demand. In order to comply with the phenomenon of market shortages, more professional LED floor screen suppliers have also emerged, leading to more choices. So how to choose an LED floor screen?

How Waterproof LED Display Achieve Water-proofing?

The outdoor environment can be changeable, and rainy days and greasy weather are frequent in some areas. We may all know the waterproof function is vital for outdoor LED screens, however, how waterproof LED display work?

LED or LCD: Which One Do You Really Need?

Nowadays, there are two prominent display technologies: LCD and LED. There is a considerable amount of confusion and misunderstanding about these two technologies and choosing one between them sometimes can be a tough choice because of the unclear perception.

Quick Answers for 30 Frequent Terms of LED Screen

Quick Answers for 30 Frequent Terms of LED Screen

How to Choose LED Video Wall Solutions for Church/Meeting Room/Outdoor Advertising?

LED video walls are attractive and effective for those looking for improving the quality of many aspects of their projects.

XYG-LCD Flight Information Display System

If the LED is displayed in a fixed mode for a long time, the performance of the components constituting the lamp tube will deteriorate, and then bright spots will occur.

Classification of LED display

Standard 8X8 monochrome LED matrix module standard components are used, which it is white and can display all kinds of text, data, and two-dimensional graphics. Indoor LED displays can be divided into 3, 3.7, 5, 8, and 10mm, and other displays according to the diameter of the LED single point used.

Comparison of LCD splicing screen and LED screen

In recent years, the application of spliced large screen display products has been very common. They are used in various occasions such as publicity and display, information release, surveillance video, conferences, etc.,

LED Display Control System

What is the LED display control system?

LED display control system (LED Display Control System) is a system that controls the correct display of LED large screens according to user needs. The online version is also known as the LED information release control system, which can control each LED terminal through the cloud system.

LED display control system

At present, there are two types of display screen transmission modes according to data: one is to use the timely video screen that displays the same content with the computer;

How the LED display control system is realized?

LED display control system (LED Display Control System), also known as an LED display controller, LED display control card. It is the core component of the LED display.

LED Display Control System

LED display control system (LED Display Control System) is a system that controls the correct display of LED large screens according to user needs, and is divided into two categories: networked version and stand-alone version according to the networking mode.

LED Display control system: let the big screen be smart and simple, let all screens be interconnected

LED display control system, also known as an LED display controller and LED display control card. 

LED display controller

LED display controller, also known as LED asynchronous control system or LED display control card, is the core component of LED graphic display.

How to classify the LED display?

LED Display Control System (LED Display Control System) is a system that controls the correct display of LED large screens according to user needs. The online version is also known as the LED information release control system, which can


Talking about the future development trend of LED display

With the rapid development of science and technology, traditional media advertising and information dissemination forms can no longer meet people's needs.

In addition to the stage LED floor screen, there are also these unexpected applications

The LED floor screen is an LED display designed for ground display. It is usually specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, anti-fog performance, and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling, long-term operation, and reduce maintenance.

"Human screen interaction" shows intelligence,  LED floor screens are eye-catching

The LED floor screen is a personalized LED display specifically designed for the ground. Compared with the traditional LED display, the LED floor screen has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high intensive pedaling, and normal operation for a long time.

The LED Display Screen creates a gorgeous and shocking visual feast for the digital exhibition hall

In a sense, the digital exhibition hall is the product of the "visual economy". A well-made exhibition hall can give the audience enough visual appeal, and combined with the current interactive technology, it can attract and retain the audience.

Human screen interaction, immersive experience, XYGLED floor screen can also play like this!

Shenzhen Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the LED floor screen and smart sensor LED floor screen industry for more than 8 years.

Full color LED display solutions for urban science and Technology Exhibition Hall

Scene requirements for display screen in planning hall Each city has its own unique cultural environment and scenery with local characteristics, which should be considered in the design of the Urban Planning Museum.

LED display technology in the ultra-high-definition era will lead to a new blue ocean

urrently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the Central Radio and Television Station jointly issued the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan".

LED screen application in stage art design

The application of LED screens in stage art design can greatly expand or extend the visual space of the stage, break the restrictions of the closed stage, realize multi-scene and multi-level stage visual effects, broaden and enrich the stage performance, and how many things that cannot be actually presented on the stage.

Immersive experience boom spreads, LED display becomes "new favorite"

Nowadays, a wave of "immersive" experience is spreading around the world, of which LED display also follows the trend.

XYGLED interactive floor screen creates a high-quality wedding festival

The LED floor screen can add enough dynamic and visual effects to the wedding. With an area of more than 300 square meters, the super-large floor screen has become the larger LED stage in the history of the Sanya Tianya International Wedding Festival.

Analysis of three design schemes of interactive floor screen system

The interactive floor screen is an applied branch of the LED display field. The product is widely used in stage displays, commercial applications, shop decorations, and other directions through innovative design.

LED Transparent Screen In The Application Of Science And Technology Museum

LED transparent screen in the application of science and Technology Museum to sense the magic and mystery of science and technology.

LED corner screen adds a sense of technology to the design of the exhibition hall

Now naked eye 3D display led corner large screen and software control system + Creative 3D video are popular, which makes the concept of "naked eye 3D display" widely concerned.

Discussion on Application and Development of LED Display

With the maturity of LED display technology, more and more users of enterprises and institutions begin to choose LED screens, and its development trend is also a concern for these users.

China's LED display industry is developing rapidly

The technical foundation and level of my country's LED display industry are quite advanced, and the main products and key technologies can be roughly consistent with the advanced level of the international industry.