Comparison of LCD splicing screen and LED screen

In recent years, the application of spliced large screen display products has been very common. They are used in various occasions such as publicity and display, information release, surveillance video, conferences, etc., and their product categories are also increasing, such as LCD spliced screen, LED screen, DLP, projection, touch all-in-one machine, etc. according to the differences in technical principles and display effects, their application occasions are also slightly different. Each product has its most suitable application occasions.

In the lobby or front desk of some enterprises, in order to better enhance the company’s image and show the company’s strength, we often want to install a splicing large screen display product in addition to displaying the company’s logo and promotional language, which can be used to play corporate promotional videos or product displays in real-time. What kind of screen should we use?

LCD splicing screen

Advantages: The LCD splicing screen was only used in security monitoring and display at the beginning, and it is very professional because it can withstand the requirement of 24-hour power. However, in recent years, with its splicing becoming smaller and smaller, the display effect has improved a lot, so it has also been used in display fields other than monitoring, such as exhibition halls and conferences. Besides the splicing, its high-definition resolution is also the biggest advantage, A single screen can reach 1920 * 1080, and after four pieces are spliced, a 4K display can be realized, which can meet the display requirements of all video sources. The most intuitive feeling is high definition. It is like a spliced TV, and it can also display computer signals. We can directly connect the computer in the foreground to the LCD spliced large screen display, so as to control the screen, Show everything we want to show.

In addition to the clear screen and powerful display function, the brightness of the LCD splicing screen is also very suitable for human eyes to watch for a long time, which is not as dazzling as LED. At the same time, the color contrast is also high, which can best restore the color of the source file. In addition, the LCD splicing screen also supports wall mounting, does not occupy installation space, and can be wrapped around the screen for decoration, so that the whole splicing large screen display screen and the wall are integrated.

Disadvantages: because the LCD splicing screen itself has seams, there will be a fine border between the screens after splicing, which is its biggest defect at present. At present, a 0.88mm LCD splicing screen has been launched, and this deficiency is being made up, and the impact is getting smaller and smaller.

LED display

LED display is a common splicing large screen display, which is mostly used for outdoor advertising, exhibitions, etc. in recent years, with its dot spacing becoming smaller and smaller, it has also been gradually applied to indoor occasions, such as press conferences, lecture halls, exhibition halls, etc. at present, Maipu brilliant LEDs are also used in the halls of some enterprises, but they are basically used as display text or video, with relatively single functions.

Advantage: no seam. We all know that no matter how the LED is spliced, one unit board is connected to another. There is no seam in the middle of the screen. The integrity of the whole spliced large screen display is stronger. This is its biggest advantage over LCD splicing.

Disadvantages: Although the dot spacing of LEDs has been reduced a lot, the resolution can not meet the requirements of high definition, so our intuitive feeling is that there will be a sense of grain on the screen when displaying images, and the pixel shape is relatively obvious, so the definition is slightly low.

Secondly, the brightness of LED is higher than that of liquid crystal. This is because it is mainly used outdoors and is set to deal with strong sunlight. When it is used indoors, too high brightness has become its disadvantage. Because the brightness is too high, it is very dazzling to watch. However, if its brightness is reduced, its gray level will also decrease, and the contrast will decrease, which directly affects the display effect.

Finally, the stability of LED is not as good as that of liquid crystals. After a long time of use, there will be led beads falling off and dead lights, so it will affect the viewing experience to a certain extent.

The LCD splicing screen is mainly suitable for indoor viewing, whether it is viewed from a long distance or a short distance, it has no effect on the viewing effect; Maipu brilliant LED screen is mainly used outdoors, which is not suitable for close viewing if it is used indoors. We suggest that if you need high-definition and multiple computer signals to display different contents, it is better to use an LCD splicing screen. If you only display some single welcome words, pictures, etc., you can also use an LED screen.