Double-side LED Display Solution

With the use and popularization of LED display screens, single-sided LED displays have become increasingly unable to meet people’s special needs due to their limited viewing range. Especially in the commercial advertising LED display market, double-sided LED display has gradually replaced single-sided LED display, widely recognized by customers all around the world.

Chapter 1: Main Features of Double-side LED Display Screen

1. Dual Display;

2. In common, the screen size shouldn’t be too large (One cabinet=One LED Display);

3. The LED display screen on both sides can share one LED control card, and it adopts partition control;

4. Hanging installation is the main method, some others will choose the Standing installation.

Chapter 2: Main Classification of Double-side LED Display Screen

2.1. Double-side Front Opening LED Display Screen

Double-side Front-opening LED screen, which means the screen can be opened from the front of the screen. Its main advantage is that the product is mature and there is no need to worry about waterproofing and other related details issues, but its shortcomings are also obvious-too heavy and too thick.

Considering this problem, the design starts with the material and performance of the cabinet, then the aluminum cabinet was produced. So if you need to make this model, according to the different occasions and environments, there are two materials for you to choose from: Steel and aluminum. The details are as follows:

Based on these features, here is some advice about installation and goods to share with you:

1) If you choose the aluminum LED cabinet, special care is required during installation and transit. Because aluminum is a brittle material, the tensile strength is close to the yield strength, not wear-resistant, and not impact-resistant. It’s easy to deform or damage.

2) For the double-side front opening LED Display, the maximum height of the screen cannot exceed 3m (height of a single cabinet). The top of the cabinet needs to leave some space to open. That’s why the double-side front-opening LED cabinet cannot be stacked up and down.

Although each model has its own advantages and disadvantages, it will eventually return to the cost. Compared with the aluminum cabinet, the cost of the steel cabinet is much cheaper. When choosing the product, we must consider the detailed installation requirements.

2.2. Double-side Full Front LED Display Screen

Although the double-sided front opening LED display brings many possibilities to different projects. But the thickness of the cabinet and the requirements for the installation environment also violate the demand of some projects. So a front maintenance module is produced to achieve the full front maintenance of the LED screen.

For Full front maintenance double-sided LED display, the cabinet is also made of steel or aluminum. It means that the cabinet size can be customized according to the size of the LED module.

Compared with the Front opening LED Display, the main advantages are as below:

1) The thickness of the Cabinet is thinner, saving transportation costs and space.

2) Wider application environment.

3) More convenient for installation and maintenance.

At the same time, there are higher requirements for waterproofing and heat dissipation, so the cost of this model is also more expensive than the traditional front-opening LED Display.

Front service module with screws

This model is fixed on the cabinet by screwing the front of the module to achieve front maintenance. However, there are some design problems that make it unable to go far. Like the assembly cost and maintenance costs are too high.

Due to the assembly of the LED screen requiring a manual operation, when the LED Display is too large, the manual requirements are higher. With the increase in labor costs, also indirectly affects the price of these goods. If the screws are not in place during the installation process, the water may enter the cabinet, causing the cabinet can’t work properly. So this model is slowly being phased out.

The full front service module

In response to these problems, the market has carried out new design and development, resulting in the Full front service module. Some details are as follows:

For Non-Aluminum Bottom LED modules, please pay attention to the following installation items:

1) When installing the LED module, if it is not locked in place, the water may enter the screen, so please pay special attention to it during installation or maintenance.

2) Meanwhile, we suggest that you better adopt an edging structure, because there will be wiring ports on the side of the Cabinet. Although it has a waterproof design, raindrops may infiltrate under heavy rain. In the face of heavy rain, you can also choose the IP68 aluminum base LED display to avoid it, but the price will be more expensive than the other.

3) Generally speaking, two rings can be added to the cabinet, then you don’t need to disassemble the module to achieve the hanging installation.

2.3. Ultra-thin Double-sided LED Display Screen-250 Series LED Screen

The previous two types of double-sided LED display are mainly used for outdoor screens, but the 250 Series is specially designed for the indoor double-sided LED display screen. The available pixel pitch is indoor P1.95-P3.91mm.

The LED module adopts magnetic installation. The power supply, receiving card, or control card can be replaced from the front of the double side. No need for maintenance space, a convenient and fast, reinforced kit, and the front surface is very even on both sides.

Features & Advantages

Compare to the previous two types of double-sided LED display screens, this item has a big advantage as below:

1) Ultra-thin: thickness only 53mm

The normal cabinet size is 1000*250mm, the thickness only 53mm, beautiful and simple cabinet design, it can apply to various situations, bringing you an excellent 360-degree range view experience of a double-sided LED display screen.

2) Ultra-light: weight only 7.0kg

Weight only 7.0kg for each 1000*250mm cabinet, easy for transportation, save your labor cost. And ultra-lightweight is convenient for installation, assembly, and disassembling of the double-sided LED display screen.

3) Hard connection, no cable design

250 series adopt a hard connection design between the module and cabinet, completely getting rid of the shackles of wires. No cables for the power and signal, 5V cable design, extremely low failure rate.

But it also has the biggest problem, that is, it just can be used indoors. Except for this series, we also have other cabinet materials for you to choose from: Steel and Aluminum. Same as other models.
The screen size can be customized according to its 250*250mm module, the cabinet size usually can be 500*250mm,750*250mm, or 1000*250mm. More screen sizes are available for different double-sided LED display project needs.


Hanging installation is the best option for the 250 series double-sided LED display screen due to its ultra-thin and ultra-light special feature. It can be a single-person installation and save a lot of cost on the structure and labor.

Taking into account the magnetic design of the module, in order to avoid collisions during transportation, some customers will require the module and the cabinet to be packaged separately. It means you must assemble the screen by yourself.

2.4. Double-sides Transparent LED Display

For transparent LED display, what we saw commonly are one side mode, only one side is prepared to show images, and double sides types are relatively rare. What are Double Sides Transparent LED Displays? Take it in short, double sides Transparent LED Displays are simply two faces of display which made overlaid together, to realize the double sides showing effect.

Common Pixels are P2.52, P2.6, P3.96, P6.94, P10.4, and P16.66.

Features & Advantages

1) Superposition Advantages

Double-Sides Transparent LED Display mixed two types of LED Displays’ features together (Double Sides & Transparency), so it owned the 2 types’ advantages naturally, not only transparently, but also could be viewed on 2 sides.

2) Customized & DIY Freely

Based on the customers’ special requests, the Double-Sides Transparent LED Displays belong to customized products too. The modularization design makes it could DIY freely, into customized shapes and sizes. Different from the common type of products, it provides much more choices for customers in size, shape, also price.

3) Higher transmission of light

Transparent LED Displays usually take glass as the carrier and reach the affection of information transmitted, without affecting the building’s day-lighting. As the origin of its crystal clear outlook, some factories call it ice-screen, which means clear and white like shining ice.

The appearance of transparent or double sides transparent LED Displays like high transparent window shades, reduces the structure frame shelter of eyesight, so the transparency rate could rise to 50%-90%. That makes it become the most higher definition and perspective affection product among LED screens.

4) Novelty Mode with Sense of Science and Tech

It made a breakthrough of the single mode of one side type in performance and operations. Like installing in the middle of the supermarket, then both visitors on two sides passed by could bet the sight and content on it; or it could also use as a glass curtain wall, the inside surface could offer exhibition to indoor customers and outdoor provide an image for street passengers. The novelty special viewing experience makes you feel like watching the image floating on glasses without affecting the light transparency function.


Double sides transparency LED Screen has a totally new structure design, the common installation ways of them are hanging or embedded installation. Usually, the average weight of one cabinet is 10KG only, light and thin enough for a single-person installation. Within the load capacity, the two sides could show the same image or different videos on double sides.

What should be paid attention to is one single cabinet couldn’t be made into a huge size, but the shape could be cut freely into what you want, like roundness, rhombus, or another type.

Above all, the Double side transparent LED Display is still in the process of development and improvement. So choosing a good supplier is more important.

Chapter 3: The Application of Double-side LED Display

Double-sided LED display screens can be used for various environments, specially developed for sports even live steaming, railway or airport station boarding, exhibition hall, shopping mall commercial advertising, and other public places. Except for these places, the transparent LED display also can be used for the superstore and glass curtain wall. As it is convenient for multi-angle viewing, improving the audience rate of advertising promotion, it has a wide application and extensive use.

It can play video, graphic, and image programs at will, and broadcast all programs in real-time, synchronized, and clear information dissemination. This kind of information can display two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, video, TV, VCD programs, and live events. The screen can play different contents on two sides as required.

led displayled display

Chapter 4: How to Setup the Double-side LED Display

1. Control system

According to the LED display size and resolution, the control system will be different. If the LED screen resolution ≤2300000dots, you can choose a Synchronous system(Computer/PC control) or asynchronous system (WIFI/3G/4G control). Due to the limit of the asynchronous LED control system, if the resolution is>2300000dots, you just can control the screen by the computer (Synchronous system).

Usually, we adopt the Novastar/ Linsn/Huidu/Xixun/Colorlight and others as the control system.

2. Connection of the screen

Power connection: each power cable just can load 3.5-4KW, then you need to change another cable to connect the cabinet.

Signal connection: each data cable, max support 650000 dots. Once exceeded, you need to change the second data cable to connect.

If it is a screen composed of several cabinets, divide the double-side screen into side A and side B. In this case, we suggest connecting side A and side B of the cabinet together and controlling them through the same control card. Or directly connect the A side and B side in series, and then control them together.

3. Set up the LED Screen

It means you need to set up the RCG File and connect the file to the control software. Usually the configuration file, the supplier will provide at the time of shipment. The connection file needs to be made according to the actual connection of the cabinet and the number of receiving cards.


Chapter 5: Prospect of Double Sides LED Display

Combining the above information, double sides LED Display screen has experienced a development process from double-sided front-opening type, front magnetic type, to clip-on type. Besides that, even many renovation modes were invented, like double sides transparency screens.

Each mode was an innovation of its last type to make the double sides products become mature and thorough perfect.

As for the stand-out performance of double sides products in industries, exhibitions, and even some public transport applications, the efficiency, and fancy performance mode are getting to attract more and more eyesight of clients and audience. Also, the double-sides LED displays will turn to be smarter, operation easier, and extension stronger, to bring superior user experience to us.