Talking about the future development trend of LED display

With the rapid development of science and technology, traditional media advertising and information dissemination forms can no longer meet people’s needs. Because of its bright colors and clear images, the LED display provides the audience with stunning visual effects, which greatly highlights the commercial value of media advertising, thus becoming the most popular advertising carrier for advertisers in the new media era. In fact, not only in the advertising industry, but LED displays are also widely used in sports venues for event playback, timing scoring, and stage background effects for some stage plays. The future commercial display market is vast and huge. Today we will discuss the future development trend of LED displays.

I listed several Trends in LED Display

Thin and Light Trend

Almost every family in the industry is currently boasting their cabinet characteristics of thin and light, indeed thin and light cabinet is an inevitable trend to replace the iron cabinet, the weight of the previous iron cabinet itself is not low, plus the weight of the steel structure, the overall is very heavy. In this way, many floor buildings are difficult to withstand such a heavy attachment, the load-bearing balance of the building, the pressure of the foundation, etc. are not easy to accept, and not easy to disassemble transport, cost greatly increased, so the cabinet thin and light is a trend that all manufacturers have to update. Wise LED display original separated structure, power supply external, no cabinet, slim and foldable, a piece of lifting simple and fast.

Patent Protection Trends

LED industry competition is fierce, almost every enterprise is fighting for the market, grabbing customers, expand the scale, but few companies really focus on product development, in fact, in order to maintain technical competitiveness, reduce the risk of technological spillover, the patent is the best way to protect. As the industry slowly matures, standardized, through the application of patents to protect their intellectual property rights and intangible assets, is also the inevitable development trend of the LED screen industry.

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Fast Splicing Trend

This is mainly for LED rental displays. Leasing is characterized by frequent disassembly and assembly to meet temporary needs, so the display box must be able to quickly and accurately splice between. Light and thin design is the biggest demand for LED rental screens and LED displays because of the special nature of its application, and the need for regular disassembly and handling. (The lighter and thinner the LED rental screen transport is more convenient,) but also can save more costs. So fast and accurate installation is also the development trend of LED display.

Energy Saving Trends

LED display compared to other traditional advertising methods, itself comes with energy saving and environmental protection “aura” — LED display with brightness self-regulation function. LED display itself using light-emitting materials is an energy-saving product, but in the actual application In the process, the display area usually belongs to the larger occasions, long time running plus high brightness playback, power consumption naturally can not be underestimated. In outdoor advertising applications, advertising owners in addition to bearing the costs associated with the LED display itself, electricity costs will also show a geometric increase with the use of equipment time. Therefore, only from the technical level to improve the root of the problem of energy-saving products. Reducing the power consumption of LED displays and achieving real energy savings must be the most important development trend of LED displays.

Standardization Trends

The LED display is rising like a mushroom, but only those few can be recognized by the industry. Many small businesses were established because of the small size, small capital, and R & D capacity to keep up, so they find ways to take shortcuts, rash design, and even copy the design of large companies, the results in the entire market is flooded with inferior products, so many customers headache, this behavior is to the customer and its irresponsibility. Therefore, the standardization of LED screen products is also an inevitable trend.

Smaller Pitch Trend

The future LED display in order to get a better viewing effect, will certainly be higher and higher requirements for screen clarity fidelity of the display. To be able to restore color fidelity and display clear images on a smaller display, then high-density small-pitch LED display will become one of the future development trends.

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