The future direction of LED Display development

In recent years, LED as the most popular application technology for traditional and new display dissemination, depending on the advantages of random color change, high brightness, convenient custom installation, a variety of control methods, rich and diverse forms of expression, etc., are very strong and excellent in various industries.

In the future, the scale of the LED market will continue to expand, and the market potential is very large. The LED industry market is also unprecedentedly prosperous. Led new technology spawned by Mini LED products, folding screen, transparent screen, LCD display, mobile advertising screen, display screen, LED luminous logo, LED advertising machine, LED light box, LED outdoor advertising, will become the main battlefield of LED marketing in the future. Advanced data technology and accurate targeting of the audience can make LED display products more intelligent and humanized. The communication mode of direct dialogue and communication with the audience through LED large-screen “live interaction” has also become a new global trend.

Nowadays, LED products cover a wide range, as a more mature and highly accepted media channel carrier, indoor publicity is colorful, rich in models, and outdoor advertising is irreplaceable. LED development has been more than ten years in the shape, effect, profile, construction process has undergone earth-shaking changes. Led industry with the urban reform and opening up all the way, is bidding farewell to extensive, into a new stage of optimization and consolidation, people-oriented, harmonious development has a future.

Innovative and colorful exhibits, a new shocking visual feast

Shanghai International LED Lighting Exhibition has always regarded innovation as one of the characteristics of the exhibition. Each exhibition exhibitors have brought exhibits that keep pace with the times, the latest technology folding screen, transparent screen, Mini LED, mobile advertising screen, exhibition frame screen, LCD display advertising, LED luminous logo, LED advertising machine, ipad light box, new LED light box and so on. For example, the “net red” LED rotating lights brought by Shangcai Optoelectronics meet the market demand and are suitable for all kinds of shopping malls, KTV, cinemas, chain stores, etc. Advertising, novelty, and eye-catching people, LED light bars rotate to display, using the principle of human eye retention, forming graphics, animations or videos. Because of its no border and background, so that users feel that the image is three-dimensional floating, etc., there are more Shenzhen Huahang Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinshengyuan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinglian xin light source Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Oulide Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Jinbo Kechuang Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Guangju Lighting Co., Ltd. and so on have brought the latest products to seize the market, improve the brand awareness, from brand communication to end users, and achieved a good exhibition effect.

New opportunities and challenges

Shanghai’s commercial market environment, resources and development are relatively superior, in the future Shanghai will form a “municipal commercial center, regional commercial center, community commercial center + characteristic commercial block” of the “3 + 1” layout system, encourage the development of new formats, new models, new technologies, and promote the development of high-end, intensive and service-oriented industries. The growing and growing commercial center is not only an extension of expansion, but also an improvement of “connotation”. In the future, business will diversify into consumption and services, commercial outlets are not limited to commodity trading, other market segments such as kiosks, shop windows, experience, transportation, entertainment, education, leisure, gas stations and other market segments will increase, and diversified and personalized operations will be more developed. At present, new retail and smart cities have set off a new wave of business, which will be promoted

LED new technologies and new products have become the next “scale” gold mine in the market.

As an emerging display carrier, transparent screen is an application field with development prospects, which can fully meet the needs of stage art, retail window, building curtain wall lighting and other fields. Mini LED display, backlight, has also become a hot spot in the industry, leading

With the trend of mini LED commercialization, it is expected to usher in explosive growth in 2020. This booming industry allows more opportunities to land in East China, and radiation drives the LED development and industrial upgrading of the entire East China region.

With the continuous strengthening of the national “introduction, going out” call, Shanghai International Lighting LED Exhibition has been focusing on new LED areas, new technologies, but also to the “Belt and Road” as an opportunity to carry out the international market in depth, will focus on leading exhibitors to explore market opportunities in an innovative mode, accelerate the pace of internationalization of overseas markets of independent brands, and many exhibitor partners to gallop the battlefield and create the future!

8 advantages

1. Time is more in tune

In July, the peak procurement season, meet on July 21-24, 2020, we are not separated.

2. The traffic is more convenient

Located in the core business district of Hong Qiao, Shanghai, Hong Qiao Airport and Hong Qiao High-speed Railway Station are connected to “zero distance”. Metro Line 2 leads directly to the exhibition hall, and the Yangtze River Delta region arrives in 2 hours by high speed.

3. The pavilion is more atmospheric

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), a key project jointly built by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Government, takes the first-class hardware of the national exhibition project as an important support, service-oriented, professional and efficient, standardized and orderly professionalism, and provides high-quality hardware guarantee for the exhibition.

4. The product is more innovative

The scope of exhibits includes: folding screen, transparent screen, Mini LED, mobile advertising screen, exhibition frame screen, LCD display advertising, LED luminous signage, LED advertising machine, ipad light box, new LED light box LED/OLED lamps and application manufacturing technology, LED display series, power supply series, interactive series, intelligent LED, more VR equipment, 3D printing technology, a series of cutting-edge technology products, worthy of attention.

5. Buyers are better

The organizer connects with governments, associations, stores and other professional institutions around the world, the “Belt and Road” overseas buyers group procurement, the domestic channel carpet one-on-one invitation, oracle Eloqua automatic marketing cloud platform as the core of the multi-channel marketing activities.

6. Spread more comprehensively

Newspapers, magazines, television, computer networks, mobile phones, industry associations, all kinds of shopping malls, accurate dissemination.

7. Activities are more pragmatic

Meet the needs of the market, solve the confusion of manufacturers, the 2020 exhibition will continue the “innovation” and “pragmatism” of previous years’ activities, so stay tuned.

8. The service is more intimate

The organizer’s professional service capabilities and high-quality supporting facilities of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) provide thoughtful and intimate services for exhibitors to hold various press conferences and investment associations.