Immersive experience boom spreads, LED display becomes “new favorite”

led display Immersive experience with led floor display screen

Nowadays, a wave of “immersive” experience is spreading around the world, which LED display also follows the trend. With the rapid development of digital multimedia, high-tech digital interactive creative exhibition items are increasingly used in the exhibition hall, the “immersive” exhibition hall by LED immersion, with its gorgeous display effect and a full range of sensory experiences, once became the “new favorite”. The LED immersion showroom, with its magnificent display effect and all-around sensory experience, once became the “new favorite”.

With its large screen and high-definition resolution, LED display has become the main display solution for creating immersive scenes, and is also very popular in showrooms and exhibition halls. Exhibition halls are the most appropriate way to tell the story clearly under the premise of attracting the eye to gather the flow of people. In addition to the physical display, which will involve animation, video, pictures, and other display methods, the display equipment in the exhibition hall is particularly important at this time. Small pitch LED display for the exhibition hall display field, government agencies, museums, exhibition centers, enterprises, and other major exhibition halls exhibition hall favor.

High definition and high refresh rate LED display to create realistic scenes

For the immersive space, the resolution of the picture must be high enough for close viewing! Small pitch LED display refresh rate ≥ 3840Hz, displaying realistic pictures, highlighting the unique charm of “immersive” space.

Variety of shapes to show the creative vision

LED large display module, any splicing can be assembled according to local conditions of a variety of forms of display, strip screen, flat screen, curved screen, multi-faceted screen, shaped screen, etc. In order to show more creative, more interesting, more functional immersive scene visual.

Seamless articulation, flat as a mirror

Small pitch led display, the whole screen module consistency is good so that the large screen flat as a mirror. Different modules can achieve perfect articulation, natural and smooth, without destroying the beauty of space. The surface is flat, the ink color is even, seamless splicing can be realized, the picture is natural and smooth, easy to create immersive spatial aesthetics, further enhancing the visual experience of users.

Developing new technologies, opening new experiences

LED display to create an immersive experience solution to a more diversified direction. Along with 5G, AI, VR, touch, and other technological achievements breaking the audience’s inherent impression of immersive experience, to a more diversified and interactive direction. More and more new technologies are applied to the LED display to open a new process of immersive experience.

With the future changes in display technology, market demand continues to change, digitalization and intelligent process accelerated, and the blue ocean of commercial applications of LED display is also more magnificent. Under the development trend of continuous innovation of LED display technology, its application scenes are infinitely expanding, in the field of immersive experience display, LED display shows certain feasibility and not bad application prospects, let’s wait and see.