The LED Display Screen creates a gorgeous and shocking visual feast for the digital exhibition hall

In a sense, the digital exhibition hall is the product of the “visual economy”. A well-made exhibition hall can give the audience enough visual appeal, and combined with the current interactive technology, it can attract and retain the audience. How to use advanced digital display technology to create a fascinating visual feast has become a key issue in the development of visual economy.

The LED display screen dominates the exhibition halls in the visual economy mode. With the introduction of the small-pitch LED display technology, it has attracted much attention in the industry, and at the same time has intensified the development of the LED display industry, and has been widely used in various exhibition halls. It seems that it has become an industry consensus to create a gorgeous and shocking visual feast through LED display.

led display immersive hall digital exhibition hall

Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall

The corporate culture exhibition hall is a higher display form currently pursued by the company. It can help to enhance the high-end image of the company, and at the same time promote the corporate culture, so that visiting customers and employees can fully understand the company’s honor, planning and development. The LED display has rich display functions, which can perfectly present corporate culture, products, solutions, etc., and create industry business cards with intelligent and innovative thinking. Make enterprise products and brands more attractive.

City Smart Exhibition Hall

The smart exhibition hall is another image business card of the city, reflecting the strategic development direction of the city. Through the LED display, in the design and planning of the exhibition hall, it is necessary to understand the city’s expression information, display methods, and key points such as culture, development history, and major events, in order to provide better design colors for the exhibition hall construction and reflect the uniqueness and theme of the exhibition hall. And levels, multimedia interactive display technology, to create a creative and aesthetic, personalized and attractive urban smart exhibition hall.

Real estate sales hall

Through the LED display in the sales center, the sense of technology and style can be instantly enhanced. In conjunction with the on-site real estate model, the details or dynamic information that are difficult to be presented by the static model are more intuitively expressed, and the surrounding planning and supporting facilities of the project are broadcast in high-definition so that buyers can intuitively feel the surrounding environment, imagine future development potential, and stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

Science and Technology Pavilion

The LED display has superior visibility and strong visual impact, helping to perfectly display the latest scientific and technological achievements, applications, and solutions. In particular, the indoor small-pitch series has richer colors, clearer details, and no water ripples. The modules can be spliced at will to create creative large screens such as sky screens and curved screens. The pictures are integrated, the visual impact is more shocking, and the experience is better.

Cultural Museum

Combined with modern information technology, the LED display screen breaks the traditional static performance and presents the surrounding dynamic real environment three-dimensionally. The details of the LED display are more delicate and realistic, the picture is smoother, and the important information and video explanations are naturally output, enabling a larger and clearer display of Chinese culture and art.

What are the common immersive scenes in the exhibition hall?

In recent years, as the rapid development of digital technology has greatly expanded people’s imagination, we can clearly feel that the distance between the virtual world and the real world is getting shorter and shorter. Especially in the field of exhibition and display, “immersive experience” can be said to be a physical immersion space that combines imagination and technology through immersive sensory experience, flexible light and shadow combination scenes, and rich and interesting interactive experience. be the most eye-catching display.

So, what is an “immersive” showroom?

The immersive exhibition hall is a highly immersive virtual presentation environment composed of 3 or more sides led display. With 3D technology, visitors can be placed in a 3D immersive space, bringing visitors an immersive experience with shocking effects. It is suitable for any virtual simulation application field with immersion requirements, and different types of exhibition halls. To put it simply, an immersive exhibition hall is to maximize the use of people’s sensory experience to create an immersive atmosphere. Compared with traditional exhibition halls, immersive exhibition halls pay more attention to the dual experience of visitors’ senses and cognition.

At present, there are many digital exhibition halls in all walks of life. The key point of how to make exhibition hall visitors worthwhile is to create an immersive atmosphere in the exhibition hall. The essence of immersion is people-oriented, and the design of immersive exhibition halls must be based on people’s feelings. It is usually considered from three aspects: multi-sensory; whether the interactive experience between visitors and the exhibition hall is high enough. In the era of rapid technological development, people’s needs are becoming more and more diverse and personalized. Only by giving the traditional exhibition space an immersive experience, can the needs of the audience be met and sensory enjoyment is gained. At the same time, it also makes the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall more technological and dynamic.

What are the common immersive scenes in the exhibition halls? Here are some application scenarios to share with you.

Immersive space

In a specific exhibition space, the rich and changing themes are interpreted through customized 3D content, and an immersive wrapping experience is realized with three or four sides led display, thus creating an immersive space.

For example, immersive secret room space, immersive interactive games, immersive theater killings, immersive theme exhibitions, etc. Supplemented with changing lighting and animation effects, coupled with different themed music and even different flavors, the exhibition allows visitors to experience the changes in light and shadow, as if they are traveling through time and space, leaving visitors with an immersive and wonderful experience.

Immersive scene restoration

Some museums and memorials often have some classic ancient scenes or scrolls. Through some multimedia interaction technologies, the scene is restored, the characteristics of that era are restored, and an immersive experience space combining reality and reality is created. The digital multimedia language is used to make the audience feel the real feeling of people in the middle of the painting, and realize the multi-level interaction between the audience and the work. Interactive immersion experience, fully experiences traditional culture and perceive traditional culture.

Immersive Experience Showcase

Immersive exhibitions generally include ring screens, arc screens, folding screens, spherical screens, ground screens, 3D/4D/5D cinemas, etc. In the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall, space, scenes, and multimedia exhibition items are integral art. Therefore, in many cases, it is a comprehensive application of various exhibition items. The perfect combination of sound, light, and art gives the exhibition space a comprehensive Bit of new experience.

With today’s serious homogenization in the exhibition field, innovation is the way out. The immersive experience empowers the exhibition space, and diversified and multi-dimensional exhibitions will undoubtedly bring more opportunities to the exhibition industry. many possibilities.